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RE: Let Me Disappoint You...
5/4/2012 3:01:45 AM

Hi Alain, I just replied to your post in my thread and I want to thank you again for making this article available. From personal experience I know this particular part is so very true:


When it comes to practicing Extreme Self Care in the face of our relationships, there's something you need to know: You may very well lose a few relationships in the process. Up until this point, if you have a tendency to over give, there's a good chance that you've trained the people in your life to expect it. Now, by making your needs more of a priority, you're changing the rules. Don't be surprised if someone close to you - a best friend, a family member, or a spouse, tries to pull you back into the fold of compliance. And when this happens, the worst thing you can do is give in. When you do, you give mixed messages and you teach people not to trust your word. Instead you need to be honest, direct, and appropriately remorseful and that's it. Don't overexplain, defend or invite a debate about your decision. The fewer words the better.

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RE: Let Me Disappoint You...
5/4/2012 12:45:53 PM

Hello Dear Mary Evelyn!

Thank You for your Visit and Comment... much appreciated!

This is so TRUE indeed and most people know it inside their Hearts and feel it... and, this is scary because we are afraid of loosing people around us, parents or friends around us... we do not want to be alone... so we do lots of things to please others while not even respecting ourselves in the process.

However, this article is much important indeed because of all the changes actually happening, we will all have to make choices, to take position in one way or another and this will lead in loosing some of these actual close relationships. We will make new ones in the process... but, we are so scared of not that it is somehow preventing us from either making a choice all together or from making the good one for us.

That is why I posted it and, I am so glad it hit home with You My Friend.

I Appreciate You and Your Own Way of Sharing Your Light around.




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