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1,087,500 BONUS AD Credits for 7 More High Traffic Sites:
4/5/2012 3:56:14 PM
Here are just some of your bonuses when you upgrade to Platinum at VIRAL INBOX:

* 1,000,000 Sokens at Sokule

* 25,000 credits for Free Traffic Bar

* 20,000 credits at Viral URL

* 20,000 credits at Viral Hosts

* 5,000 credits for The List Auction

* 5,000 credits for Viral Ad Store

* 2,500 credits for Adchiever

*** That's a total value of $1,000's in advertising (plus any leads & sales brought in for your businesses from all this advertising...PRICELESS!)

VIRAL INBOX offers every member $117,000 worth of CUSTOM PROGRAMMING! Okay, what's the good part? You can get paid to introduce other people to this MASSIVE POWERHOUSE built for online marketers! Anything else? You can advertise your banners and text-ads on this site where 1,000's of people are checking their email daily! What else? Gain LEADS! More? Send up to 2,000 opt-in emails DAILY! More? PLUS email your 7-level downline, that can amount to TONS of people brought in by the members UNDER you, basically emailing all those passively-introduced members can bring you TONS of PASSIVE INCOME for your offers!

***Get the PLATINUM Membership for:

* Up to 100 emailboxes with 16,000 MB maximum storage

* MORE storage for EVERY referral you bring in to Viral Inbox!

* Up To 50% Commissions per each Platinum membership, per year, if you're a Platinum member! Get paid every week by Paypal or Alertpay!

* 1,000 Email Credits DAILY! (Plus you can email ALL your downliners, PLUS use emailing credits you gain from reading emails!) People really DO read the emails, I've received leads & paid signups for my business offers thru my mailings/banners/text-ads at Viral Inbox!

* 7 Levels of Downliners you can email if you're a Platinum member! WOW! Tons of people brought in by the people under you will be available for you to email EVERY DAY! Those passive leads can amount to signups for your other promotions, that's PASSIVE INCOME.

* Random referrals that are just GIVEN TO YOU by Viral Inbox, and if they upgrade, you get paid!

* Banner & Text Credits when your ads are shown on other peoples sites, yes, really!

* The lowest prices on extra credits for banners, text ads, guaranteed visitors, and mailing credits, I've purchased all 4 of those! I've received lots of clicks also! Lots of leads are coming in for my promotions, try it!

YOUR DREAM has come TRUE! Now YOU can use the same methods that make online millionaires and online hundred-thousandaires: WATCH THE VIDEO...(I watched all 13 minutes of it, that's how I know they put in $117,000 worth of custom programming for us!) These guys really ARE millionaires and it happened for them FAST...I'll give you a clue, get ORGANIZED! This makes it SIMPLE and you can earn COMMISSION$ from it:

ViralinBox features a powerful mailer that will allow you
to email up to 60,000 random members every single month! You
can indeed earn up to 2,000 mailing credits every day!

ViralinBox also comes with a list builder that will allow you to
build a 5 to 8 levels deep downline, and make up to 55% commissions
on upgraded referrals!

THANKS if you join & upgrade to PLATINUM so you can rake in unlimited COMMISSION$ and email 2,000 daily AND get 1,087,500 bonus ad credits for 7 more high traffic sources!

My experience with Viral Inbox: I've received lots of leads and paid signups for my business offers thru mailings at Viral Inbox, lots of clicks on my banners & text ads at Viral Inbox!

Sincerely, Kathleen VanBeekom


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