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CPV Advertisers Group
4/2/2012 7:51:42 PM
Hello Friends
This New Forum is all about 1 of the best way the average person can get good targeted traffic
our programs.

How does PPV work?

PPV works by generating new browser windows (or pop-ups) on the user’s computer. It
does this through a piece of software (called a client) that the user downloads to get
access to content online such as games, screensavers, or videos. The users keep the
software on their computer (and keep seeing the ads) because they see it is a trade-off
for getting the content for free.

Do pop-up blockers block my ads on PPV?

In a word: no. Pop-up blockers are designed to stop pop-ups that are generated by the
website that a user is viewing through their browser (like Internet Explorer, FireFox, or
Safari). The PPV software actually opens up a new browser window and then loads
your website, so it’s just like if the user opened a new browser themselves and then
typed in your address.
Testing out different offers, targets, and landing pages is how you will get the best
results and make the most money from PPV.

All you CPV advertisers out there i want your imput on this subject do not hold back.

Please Bookmark this group we are on an Traffic Adventure I hope our Cpv advertising friends give us good useable info.

There are not alot of people that know how powerfull those CPV campaigns can pull traffic.1000's of targeted views to your website a day.

These Views are coming from Real time people searching on the search engines

Google,Yahoo,Ask,Bing,and More Even Youtube.

There are only a hand full Of CPV Sites out there.

From what i've read and i've been reading for weeks DirectCPV seems to be the better one

DirectCPV has a Affiliate Program

Make more money with views

Affiliates don't have to worry about users clicking on ads, get paid every time an ad is viewed not just every time an ad is clicked.

Who can apply?

Those that own desktop software applications that serve pop-up, pop-under or interstitial ads.

How Much do Affiliates get paid?

Affiliates earn a 60% revshare on all views that they have generated.

Start Earning Now!

MORE TO COME Please Bookmark this Forum

Dennis Clairmont

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RE: CPV Advertisers Group
4/2/2012 8:25:59 PM
Post #2

I'm Hoping we get a few CPV pros in this Group to help us with the Dos and Do Nots

What Do CPV's cost
Only Pennies unlike Adwords that can cost from 0.50 to $50
CPV's cost you 1 cent or 1/12 cent you set the price.That's the great part.

What Does CPV's Do
CPV programs place a POP UP on the PC Screens when people are searching on the search engines.These searches cover the URL's on as many pages down you can place 500 or more url's to a campaign so when someone clicks on anyone of selected url's your ad will take place of the original.What it does is jump in front of the original site.

Choose from over 40 countries to give your business a global position

It's wise to choose only the countries that understand your webpage you promote
  • Set & Control Your Budget

  • Beginners it's wise to only set a $5 budget to test your campaign.

  • Once you see good Roi then you can set the higher budget.

    You can set and adjust your daily budget anytime with no minimum spending requirement. Payment options include Paypal, Credit Card & Wire transfer

Dennis Clairmont

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RE: CPV Advertisers Group
4/4/2012 2:24:19 AM
Post #3


How URL SCRAPING Works is easily done with a UrlScraper

What must be done is to use the same keywords in the Scraper as you use in your
DirectCPV campaign.

You can use as many Keywords as you wish for campaign and Scraper

Without a URL Scraper you would copy and paste from lets say google.You would have to
go back and forth copying every URl on the First pages of google.Hours of work.

The URL Scraper will Scrape all the pages of google all the pages of Yahoo Bing Ask Even Youtube Some will Scrape Twitter Facebook Blogs Many Many Places in minutes.

1000 or 5000 or any amount of URL's can be pasted in the DirectCPV campaign.No cost to place any amount of url's in a campaign.Really you don't care where the url's come from as long is there keyword targeted URL's

The More URL's you paste in your DirectCPV campaign the faster you will earn the Traffic.
If anyone on the search engines clicks on any one of your Scraped and pasted in your DirectCPV campaign your page POPS UP right in front of there eyes.

If your campaign is about TV's anyone searching for TV deals or to buy or review a TV your TV ad will jump right in front of them.

This a Dream System anyone can harness anyone can master very easily and it will only cost you pennies for the best traffic you could ever dream of.

Are you ready to try go to DirectCPV join me let's go get that targeted traffic you always Dreamed of.

I've been using an online URL scraper with pretty good results so I thought may be I should share with you

Free To Join DirectCPV

Sell Amazon Products Using CPV System
Dennis Clairmont

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RE: CPV Advertisers Group
4/7/2012 4:33:37 PM

How It Works

In easy steps

Set Up Campaign or campaigns pick your keywords as many keywords as you can find that
work well with your campaign.Set a daily limit because you will get your ad viewed by 1000's a day so if your new you need to test your campaigns to see what traffic your getting.If you don't set a daily limit and you have $100 in your account it can be used up in one day.To test a $5 per day is enough.Set it at $00.10 - $00.15 1 cent to 1 cent 1/2 per view.

Use your URL Scraper or Scrapers copy the same keywords you have in your campaign.
Paste them in your URL Scraper and hit search.Search everything your scraper will search
like google ,yahoo ,bing ,ask,youtube facebook twitter blogs scrape 50,000 url's because when people click on any of those URL's your Ad will pop up.Once you have all the URL's you need copy and paste them in your DIRECTCPV campaign and launch.

Billions of people in the internet searching for everything will click on your URL's

Check What Happens When Someone Clicks From Your 100's or 1000's of URL's you have in the FIRST pages of the search engines and everywhere you've scraped.

Preview your offers as they display on DirectCPV



Dennis Clairmont

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RE: CPV Advertisers Group
4/18/2012 2:46:07 PM
This is a results from 1 DirectCPV campaign

AmAcai Stands Amazon selling Fat Burning Acai Berry Pills

In 1 Hour
AmAcai Active Views 30 Cost Per View $0.013

10 Minutes Later
AmAcai Active Views 39 Cost Per View $0.014

5 minutes later
AmAcai Active Views 41 Cost Per View $0.014 I got 2 views but price per view didn't change

1 minute later

AmAcai Active Views 41 Cost Per View $0.015 No View in that Minute

I'm Refreshing the DirectCPV Campaign Page it Updates the traffic Views and the Price.

OK My time is Wednesday April 18th 2012 10:40 AM Under this will be 1 hr time and i refresh again to see the Real traffic views i got in that hr.

REMEMBER These views are Real Keyword Targeted People Searching for Acai Berry Related Searches on Google where my page pops up after i scraped only less than 500 URL's.

Wednesday April 18th 2012 11:40 AM 1 Hr. Later

Grand Total 59 Views Avg CPV $0.014 =$0.83

So in 2 hr's i got 59 real People viewing my campaign for 83 cents.

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Thank You


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