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Danielle's Story... Communion with a Captive Wild Dolphin
3/31/2012 12:39:53 AM

Hello Dear Friends,

Maybe You will be touched and will want to help...


Since June 2011 Oribel initiated a project to help free and energetically support a pod of captive dolphins. She is in contact with one of the female captive dolphins who introduced herself as Danielle.

The video you are about to watch captures the message Danielle would like to share with all people.

Using divine forgiveness all supporters of the Divine Forgiveness Project hope that a new solution will emerge to assist the remaining 24 bottlenose dolphins to attain their freedom, which is their birthright.


Love & Blessings,


Alain Deguire

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RE: Danielle's Story... Communion with a Captive Wild Dolphin
3/31/2012 12:41:01 AM

The Divine Forgiveness Project

Freedom for RWS Dolphins - remaining 25 captived Dolphins

The Situation
In the years 2008 and 2009 Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) a leisure and gaming company cum integrated resort operator, purchased 27 wild bottlenose dolphins who were originally captured from their Solomon Islands home in the Pacific Ocean. Nine were transported to Langkawi while others were kept in Subic Bay, Philippines. When two of the dolphins in Langkawi died in captivity due to bacterial infections, in October 2010, RWS moved them all to the Philippines.

There are now 25 dolphins still alive and are being trained by dolphin trainers at Ocean Adventure Park (OA) in Subic Bay waiting for their new enclosures to be ready at Sentosa, Singapore. The dolphins are part of RWS interactive dolphin spa programme.

Please watch this Youtube video of RWS dolphins undergoing training at Subic Bay in the Philippines.

Animals Concerns and Research & Education Society (ACRES) have launched a campaign “Save the World’s Saddest Dolphins” seeking the release of these dolphins by creating public awareness through a music video, road shows and encouraging the public to write directly to RWS and to support the campaign. ACRES’ 44-page campaign report provide detailed background of the events and the plight of the dolphins. Todate the 25 dolphins are still being held captives by RWS. They are being fed with dead fish and kept in 20 metres x 20 metres pens which can never be compared to their natural habitat which is the vast oceans.

ACRES have done a tremendously great job in creating awareness and holding discussions with RWS. Their love, hard work, compassion, determination and diligence in their campaign have not gone unnoticed. However, RWS do not want to make any commitments and have not reponded to the latest list of questions raised by ACRES. I feel that we may have reached an impasse.

A Quantum Solution
What do we do? Divine forgiveness. It's QUANTUM. It's a process that allows for a benevolent solution to be revealed where there is none before.

Understand that this is a concept that requires a purposeful, realized intent. That means it is a tool that becomes truly potent when you actually believe you can use it. It cannot simply be a curiosity, but a firm belief. You have to own the concept before it can happen. To implement it, you have to be in the path of belief and trust or you are not. To better understand the concept please go to the Divine Forgiveness page on this website before you continue reading this page.

Change Your Perception
RWS and OA are organizations made up of people. And like most organizations they look at the "bottom line" and not the "heart line". The dolphin trainers are just people who are paid to do their jobs - training dolphins. They are all playing a role. Everything is just an illusion, and we can change the illusion if we get out of the drama. To get out of the drama we need to be observers. Observers do not judge or manipulate.

We know that when we continue judging, we continue the downward spiral, we continue adding negative energy into the situation. When we change our perception and see the situation for what it is, just an ILLUSION, we are creating awareness in ourselves and others. This translates to a dance of energy or light that provides a clearer vision for people to make decisions and provide solution that are benevolent for all parties concerned. I feel that when you view this with compassion and use your power of discernment you can more easily stay clear of judgment.

The Divine Forgiveness Process
- do not judge or manipulate
- see it for what it illusion
- be gentle and peace-loving -
just like the dolphins
- forgive the people and forgive yourself and create a path of potentials
* say the words to the divine forgiveness statement and mean it because it is not lip service
- your forgiveness and acknowledgement of the illusion before you creates a path for benevolent solutions and new decisions to be made
- step back and allow for the dance of energies that you help create indirectly affect the situation and the people - RWS, OA and the dolphin trainers - and the dolphin beings.....because you're letting the event unfold naturally.
- how often? once or twice a day or as often as you can remember, in fact throughout their captivity until they are set free. This project began on July 1st and it continues till the dolphins are set free.
This is how we create our own reality by allowing for potentials to occur and this often leads to a win-win situation with many people, and in this situation, for the dolphins as well.

The Divine Forgiveness Statement
Keep telling yourself and to others repeatedly and as often as you can when you bring to mind of the RWS dolphins' situation:


A Suggestion
You may want to paste a dolphin picture with the Divine Forgiveness statement on a wall next to your dresser or on your mirror as a reminder, for starters, so you'l remember to say it in the morning and at night.

click here for a sample mini poster pdf format that you can print and use for this purpose.

Update on the Dolphins
I'll provide weekly to fortnightly updates on the dolphins on the Blog pages. So please log in on Tuesdays to stay tune. And for updates on new information being added to the website go directly to the What Is New blog category. Go to Communion with the Dolphins blog category to read up on my conversations with Danielle; she is a teenage dolphin who is speaks on behalf of the captive dolphins at Subic Bay.

The Quantum Team
There is no sign-up requirement. However, to show your support and commitment for this quantum experience, I invite you to let us know by going to the blog post: The Quantum Team and submit your name and the country you reside in. It would be wonderful to see who around the globe is participating in this project and connecting with the dolphins. Thank you.

And if you would like to express yourself and have a comment to make, I'd be delighted to hear from you. Just use the blog post: Your Comments and leave behind your comment. Thank you.

Other Remote Ways to Support and Connect with the Dolphins
Click here to learn more ways to energetically support the dolphins.


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