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THREAD 5 - WHY Myrna felt compelled to Co-Create The Forgiveness School
2/13/2012 12:35:06 AM

Hello and Welcome to All of You Dear Friends,

Thank You so much for visiting The Forgiveness School!

I am so Glad that You come here to Learn with Us and Teach about Your Own Truth. The Forgiveness School is a Learning and Sharing Experience Gathering People from all over the World. NOW is the time to ReUnite once again and it is Great to Contribute to such Occurrence.

Myrna Ferguson

You don't know Me yet,

Well, my name is Myrna Ferguson,

and You can invite Me to be Friend here...

I found out about Forgiveness in a very impressive way. Oh, I know about Forgiveness so I thought. Until you really get into the core of the matter. What does total Forgiveness mean?

I was in an auto accident 7 years ago with a lot of injuries that put me off my feet, and I had to depend on someone else to take care of me. Being asked to Forgive the man that ran the stop sign and totalled my car and put me in a nursing home, how dare they ask that? OMG, what a place to be! Not fun, but you make the best of the situation. A lot of time to think and ponder. The man that hit me came to see me and ask for my Forgiveness. I told him I Forgave him, but had I really? No! But deep in my Soul I knew there was so much more to Forgiveness then just saying, I Forgive. To really Forgive you have to feel it, you have to believe it in every fibres of your being. It took me months to really Forgive him, but the day I got that I FORGIVE YOU HIGH I knew that I had really Forgiven him. I found out that Forgiveness is a Blessing and Cleansing of the Soul.

Several times I have said something to people about Forgiveness and I have been told... "oh, I could Forgive for something like an auto accident, but not if someone harmed my loved one or an animal." I too do agree with this. It is tough to see your loved one harmed and see an animal hurt, but when you are not Forgiving the person that did the wrong, it is not that person who is suffering; My Dear Friend that is you, the one who is suffering. You are carrying the load of what they have done, not what you need to do. YOU must Forgive that person to have Peace. This is when we need to be Godlike. God never has a grudge against you, so we must not have bad feelings toward anyone, anytime. You have always heard that God Is Love and that is the Truth; so total Forgiveness to Me is to be Godlike in Forgiveness. Total Forgiveness is LOVE!

This is WHY I felt Compelled to Learn all there is to know about Forgiveness. Forgiveness is such a Powerful Tool to Help Me always Being more of the Love & Light Being that I Am, that I cannot miss on anything I can Learn and Experience about it. Synchronicity made things happen between Me and My Friend Alain... I feel so blessed to start this New Journey with all of YOU.

Much Love,


"Forgiveness is not forgetting an injustice done; it is the Understanding that allows us to set aside the Emotional Impact of that injustice pertaining to ourselves. When We no longer hold those Emotions, and have Understanding for the Person, We have Forgiven them. ~ MoonSinger

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