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THREAD 4 - WHY Alain felt compelled to Co-Create The Forgiveness School
2/13/2012 12:33:48 AM

Hello to All of YOU...

... who visits The Forgiveness School.

I hope that You Enjoy your Visit and that You will Choose to Join Us.

I hope that You Appreciate your Learning as much as We appreciate your Sharing.

Alain Deguire

For those of You who don't know Me already,

my name is Alain Deguire,

and You can invite Me to be Friend as well here...

At the age of 30, I Chose to Embark on a New Journey leading to the Discovery and Manifestation of Myself, of My True Nature; the Dawning of My Spiritual Journey.

Before that, I came to realize that I was simply a clone duplicating what I had been "drilled" to believe that was good for me. Even though I always had so many questions, I was consistently lead to shut up because I was too disturbing with my questioning. So, I shut up tight and became a nice, kind and gentle robot.

When I realized how deep all of Myself had been buried alive, within myself, and that it would not be an easy and short Journey, I Chose to make this My Priority in My Life and to Devote all of My Energy and Efforts to the Goal of Achieving My Soul's Mission for this 3D Incarnation.

I will spare You of all the details about what this Journey lead Me to go through and to experience (it would be inappropriate, too long and could be the subject of a whole book). However, I can mention that friends worried about Me at times as I was moving through many of the biggest stresses in Life. Nature has been My Savior! Nature has always been My Way to Connect with the Divine and to Reconnect with My True Nature. Three Black-Capped Chickadees even attacked Me once, quite surprisingly as this is a very social and friendly bird species, while I was walking on a trail in one of the darkest moment of My Life. They wanted to wake Me up and Prevent Me from doing nonsense action. And, today, I am still on My Own Path to the Manifestation of My Soul's Purpose and to Ascension.

During all of these Experiences, I had to use Forgiveness so many times in order to remove the blocks that were preventing Me from moving forward. Each and everyone of these Experiences left her mark on Me and, without Forgiveness, I would have been stuck so many times. In fact, I was stuck for quite some time in each occasion. The hurt caused by the Experience had created a blockage within my Heart. Each time I was trying to move forward and that a similar Experience was coming along, I was "running away" so scared of being hit again. Forgiveness was always the Key that was releasing the blockage and allowed for the LOVE Energy to flow again giving me Strength and Courage to start moving again with the next step. Forgiveness was keeping me safe from the manifestation of illnesses that these stressful situations and experiences could have produced as a side effect. Forgiveness was making Me feel Light and Free not carrying with Me the burden of these experiences; in fact, each time, the hurt had been transmuted into Light and Love and I was carrying with Me only the Positive and Growth generated by the experience. Feeling the occurrence of this Transmutation is such a Blessing! And, Forgiveness was always the Key, the Alchemy that lead to this Transmutation!

Another Key Factor that made me feel compelled in Co-Creating The Forgiveness School is The Story of Lucifer that I read 2 years ago in the Urantia Book. I will not say more about it here as I will be creating a specific thread in The Forgiveness Alchemy Forum. Look at...

In this thread, I will explain the Fundamental Aspects that Reinforced in Me The Value of Forgiveness and the Calling to do something about it. I did not know then what it was to lead to... The Forgiveness School!

The Forgiveness School is certainly part of My Soul's Mission or Purpose in this 3D Life at this specific Moment in Time. And, I am so Glad to NOW be able to Co-Create it with one of the most Beautiful and Loving Person that I know. You will learn more about My Friend Myrna in the next thread.

THANK YOU for Being Here with Us! Looking forward to Co-Create with all of YOU!

Love & Blessings,


"Forgiveness is not forgetting an injustice done; it is the Understanding that allows us to set aside the Emotional Impact of that injustice pertaining to ourselves. When We no longer hold those Emotions, and have Understanding for the Person, We have Forgiven them. ~ MoonSinger

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