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THREAD 3 - The "Foundations" of The Forgiveness School
2/13/2012 12:22:15 AM

The "Foundations" of The Forgiveness School

The Forgiveness School is a New Age School. As of Now, We are in the transitional period of time leading to our New Life in higher dimensions of reality. This means that people experiencing different dimensions of reality do actually cohabit here on planet Earth. For this reason, it becomes necessary to define the actual Foundations that are the Basis for The Forgiveness School; so that all who attend the School understand the Underlying Principles Applicable.

1) WE are all ONE! ONENESS refers to Our True Essence. We are Spirit experiencing a Physical Life. We are all Pure Love Energy. As such, We are all ONE, We are all Brothers and Sisters of the Creator... who is Pure Love Energy. And, this is True for all that exist. All that exist is Pure Love Energy manifested since it was created by the same Creator and is made of the same Energy, of the same Essence. That is LOVE!

2) The Creator made her/his Creation through Differentiation of this same Love Energy. This means that the whole Universe, being stars, suns, planets, oceans & rivers, mountains, insects, fishes, birds, animals, trees & plants and all of us Human Beings, as well as all of the material stuff (i.e. houses, tables, chairs, beds, cars, etc.) - everything - all that is, is made of the same Love Energy. Each and everyone experiencing a different perspective of the same reality.

3) Human Beings have been given Free Will. This means that We always have to Choose and, We are experiencing Life in a different way according to Our Own Choices. And, the Creator Respects us in whatever the choices that We make. We are directly experiencing the effect of the Choices made in relation to the Immutable Universal Laws.

4) We are 100% responsible for all that is part of Our Life Experience! There is no such thing as Victims. Even babies and children are not Victims. In this case, it is so much harder for many of us to believe in this principle. In the case of babies or children as in our own case, there are Choices that have been made at the Soul level before birth and that are manifesting before our own eyes. And, We are not able to Identify what were these Choices and why they were made by the Soul. As an example, maybe they were made by the Soul in an agreement to sacrifice him/her self to help all of us Increase Consciousness. These Choices are all part of the Plan of Life for the Soul before Incarnation. So, again, there is no such thing as Victims!

5) There is no Right or Wrong! In fact, no matter the choices that We make, We will experience the effect in relation to the Immutable Universal Laws. So, there are only more Appropriate Choices in that they are producing the kind of Life Experiences that we want. And, We all learn to Adjust Our Choices following a Path of trial and error steps. So, We need not hesitate to Take Our Next Step as it will automatically lead to a better understanding of what is Right for Ourselves and, from there, We will be able to Make Our Next Choice.

6) There is not a single Truth. There are many Truths. In fact, there are as many Truths as there are people. The reason being that We Create Our Reality according to Our Own Choices, Thoughts, Words, Actions and what it is that We Focus upon in our daily lives. This is Law of Attraction! Since there is no chance that these would be the same for all of us, it means that we are creating a Different Reality... meaning that We all have a Different Truth. So, it is Crucial, that We understand and integrate very well this understanding into our Being, our Heart. It becomes so much easier to Respect others.

7) Since We agreed on 6) as one of the Foundations for The Forgiveness School, it is Fundamental that We all learn to Express ourselves in all of our posts within the Forum in the name of "I". We need to speak in the "I" person as this is Our Own Experience, Our Own Experimentation of Life, Our Own Truth that We are Expressing in this post. We are Sharing with others what we've been experiencing according to the Choices that we made. These Choices have created Our Own Reality, have determined Our Own Beliefs and defined Our Own Truth. This is not easy in the beginning, so Please Be Careful! It is possible that We remind You from time to time by just mentioning in a post... "Please, in the name of "I"" This is crucial in Helping all of us to be Respectful of ourselves as of others. If You mention something written or said by someone else, Please mention it and cite them (ex. Romeo said "I love you" or "I love you" ~ Romeo). In this way, We understand that this is not You speaking but Romeo; thus, this is the Truth of Romeo.

8) 6) & 7) lead directly to 8) RESPECT is of the Utmost Importance within The Forgiveness School. Since We want this School to Become a Sanctuary where anyone can Express themselves Freely and Openly with all of their Heart, so that they can Express what they have been going through and how they were able to approach it in order to be able to Achieve Forgiveness. This is Fundamental to the Needed Sharing for all of us to Learn and Grow from the Experiences and Truths of others. In this matter, if We feel a post to be Disrespectful, We will approach You about it to discuss and correct the situation if needed. In the worst of cases, We could go up to erase a post and even block a friend from further interaction. This is certainly not the Focus of Our Thoughts! Our Choice and the Focus of Our Thoughts is RESPECT!

PLEASE have a look Here from time to time as these Foundations might evolve as We move forward and as We experience and learn from one another. This is all NEW to both of Us as it is to All of You! The Forgiveness School will Grow as We all Grow with Her!

Love & Blessings to ALL,


"Forgiveness is not forgetting an injustice done; it is the Understanding that allows us to set aside the Emotional Impact of that injustice pertaining to ourselves. When We no longer hold those Emotions, and have Understanding for the Person, We have Forgiven them. ~ MoonSinger

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