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Profit Sharing With Ricochet Riches
2/9/2012 9:02:19 AM

I know you have your own reason for being here, and that probably does not
include getting messages like this from people like me.
If you will stay with me for
, and take the time to read this whole message, I will tell you about
the many different ways you can make money and lots of it! .... With the
Riches Network Of Programs.

Profit Sharing With Ricochet Riches Ad Units.

We buy advertising blocks for $10 each to promote ANY business. NOTE; If you
do not have a business to promote, no problem! I have one I can recommend later.
Meanwhile, you can still get paid to advertise whether or not you use that advertising.
Every day I log into my account to see the PROFIT SHARING earnings I accumulated
the previous day. Currently that is for an average of $40 every day AUTOMATICALLY,
no matter what I do, AND that money keeps growing every day too! I don't have to do
any recruiting, or anything else either, because that part of the RR Network of programs
That is $1,200 per month for doing absolutely nothing, and YOU
can do it too!

You can register for your FREE ACCOUNT with Ricochet Riches and take
a look here.

The Turbo 1x2
Our current members really like this!

1. Because of the tiny, 1x2 matrix.
2. Because of the $20 cycle bonuses.
3. Because of the 50% matching bonuses.
4. Because of the FREE re-entries when you cycle.
5. Because Turbo1x2 positions are for LIFE.
6. Because you get a FREE Turbo position every time 20 of your RR Ad
Units complete. ($15 received in rewards for every $10 ad unit).

It's amazing really, how these $20 cycle bonuses are adding up to
hundreds (and in many cases, thousands) of dollars in income for our
members. And it just doesn't stop!


NOTE: This part of our network of programs works great whether or not you are
buying advertising in the PROFIT SHARING program above.

Cycle Revolution
is the newest member in the Ricochet Riches Network of
programs. It is a simple 2x3 matrix where for a ONE TIME cost of only $30,
you can cash out some real Big Paychecks every time you cycle through it.
Starting at $150 and running all the way up to $10,000! ... AND you can
do that OVER and OVER again!!

How Long Does It Take?

It takes as long as it takes to fill the matrix. There is No Recruiting Required, but
you can speed that process up considerably if you can sponsor ONLY 2 people.
It takes 15 people to fill this matrix, counting yourself. So, if you get two people,
and those people get two people, who get two each, the matrix will be full, you
will cycle through the CR 1 matrix, earn $150, and progress to CR 2. Everything
happens AUTOMATICALLY after that, because the people in CR1 follow you
when they cycle.
NOTE: Not everyone will sponsor two people. Some people
will sponsor a lot more.

How To Sign Up With Cycle Revolution.

1. Register your FREE ACCOUNT with Ricochet Riches.

2. Log into your account and Click on Cycle Revolution.

3. On the top left of the Cycle Revolution page, click on CR Upgrade and
spend $30 to register with Cycle Revolution.

So, now that you know how it works, do you think you can find 2 people who
are willing to spend $30 ONE TIME to earn $10,000 over and over again?

Get The Facts!

Take the time to read everything on the website about Cycle Revolution and the CR1
through CR7 cycles. That is the 7 different cycling matrices contained within
Cycle Revolution, AND it is absolutely awesome!

Yours For Long Term Success,

Don Evans

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