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Chapter Fourteen : Prospects 13
12/28/2011 1:02:50 AM
Chapter Fourteen : Prospects 13

A person asked, “In both East and West there are quite a few established religions that have been quarreling with each other for thousands of years. Meanwhile, there also have been various new religions in recent years that have arisen in all the four directions, each advocating its own beliefs while denying others’, thus creating still more disputes. What does the future hold in the religious realm?” The Founding Master said, “Suppose a man, after living in Seoul with his family and children, were to go on an excursion to various countries in the world. While staying for several years in each of the several countries he visited, he lived with women from those countries and had children by them before returning home to Seoul. Subsequently, each of his children grew up in their respective countries, but one day, they all sought out their father and gathered in one place. How can those offspring, with different faces, languages, customs, and behaviors, become close and friendly with each other right away? After spending several years together, however, they would gradually mature and gain understanding, so that each others’ languages and customs would become familiar to one another and they would learn the background of their kinship. Then, they would definitely realize that they are of one flesh and blood and would come to live in harmony. The background to the different developments of all the religions, and the reason why they are originally one, are just like this. Therefore, when people’s intelligence has advanced further and the radiance of the Way and its power shines everywhere, all the religions will form a single household, interfused and harmonizing with one another.”

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Donggeun Yoo

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Do you know WAZZUB ?
2/11/2012 11:43:56 PM

Do you know WAZZUB ?

It’s a fact: companies like Google or Facebook earn billions of $$$ every quarter just because we, the Internet users use their services.
It is time to understand, that we “the users” decide who is earning the big money.

is the first truly global community that pays us “the users”, just for choosing WAZZUB as our homepage.
The more free members we attract, the more money each member will earn.
It is as simple as that; let's discover The Power of "We"!

Pre-Launch and main project will be multilingual and global. Just the pre-registration is English only.
Everybody, even without any English skills, should register as early as possible and invite others to join WAZZ

It is FREE to join WAZZUB and WAZZUB stays free forever. No hidden fees, no admin fees, nothing to sell or to buy.

Nov 11 – Dec 31
Secret Backdoor
(Pre-Registration) by invitation only
Register for free and receive your personal reflink. Invite your family, friends and partners to join WAZZUB and start building your downline.

Jan 1 – March 31


Check the brand new members’ area to watch your downline growing. At WAZZUB, we call it the $FACTOR (Dollar Factor).
The more members that signed up under you (5 levels deep) the more your
$FACTOR will grow.
And, guess what… The higher your
$FACTOR grows, the higher your profit share will be after launch.

Apr 1 – Jun 30

Beta Launch
April 1, 2012 is WAZZUB DAY. Our website will go live and our members start to earn money.
Step by step we will add more and more functions that make WAZZ
UB the perfect home page:
a powerful search engine, a personalized news section, the best deals on the Internet and amazing entertainment features
like videos and skill games, just to name a few.

Based on the feedback and comments of the users we will create what we call the “Perfect Internet”.

Jul 1
Final Version
When all features are up and running and all glitches are solved we can concentrate on monetizing our project.
It is our goal to serve millions of users. Together we can reach this goal.
Let’s activate the Power of “We”!


50% off all profits will be paid to the members. The other 50% go to the shareholders who are investing a lot of money to make WAZZUB happen.
The more users we serve, the more money will be paid out to the members according to their


WAZZUB is free forever, nobody has to pay, buy or sell anything, so where is the money coming from?
Let’s take Google as an example: Google has more than 1 billion unique users per month who use their services without paying for it.
Last Quarter Google made $3 billion in profits just by displaying ads. That means Google earns on average $1 per month per unique user.
UB uses exactly the same technology as Google PLUS some additional streams of income.

It is our goal to attract at least 10 million users per month after June 2012,
but we will share the profits only with those members who registered before April 1st .

will never share your private data with any third party.
Please BookMark


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