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News Update 11th Nov
11/12/2011 11:13:30 PM

News Update 11th Nov

I will keep the update short today.

The MyCrowd site is having the final few modifications done now. This is stuff like adding google maps, an internal chat module and twitter API etc.
I am also having the members data base from GWN integrated into the MyCrowd web site and back office.
The webinar system has also been integrated into MyCrowd.
Other goodies will follow...but lets get launched and keep adding after launch

The one single request I get asked for more than any other is...'' how can i make cash now''
So I have decided to include a few tried and tested fast cash systems into the resources section of MyCrowd.
These will require a very small entry cost and 4 or more people that you bring into the start contacting your 1st level in GWN now and prepare to jump into these programs with them.
These programs work very fast and payout 100% commission direct to you. So get ready and prepare your teams to dive in with you.

Other resources you will find include 2 amazing promotion and marketing systems.

MyCrowd is not GWN ...MyCrowd is a business network for anyone involved in affiliate marketing, and ecommerce generally.
MyCrowd will provide resources, tools, training and some truly powerful money making programs that will supercede and overtake anything else you thought would make you a fantstic residual income.

Of course you will still get to earn from our webinar system and other services when they are ready to share...but you will have the opportunity to make very fast cash from other programs offered to you.

Have a great weekend

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