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16 days In a Row without Waking To back Pain, After over 6 years
10/14/2011 6:31:34 AM

I continue to be thankful to my Father above for leading me to my NM Home based Business. After many hundreds of prayers and 2,000 mornings waking with bad to excruciating back pain, I have had over 2 wks straight waking without it; waking without dread for a change. Waking and thanking God, instead of sometimes asking Him why He put me thru such torture for yet another morning. Then, making my way, usually after waiting up to an hour dreading to move, to get to my pills. They were enough for me to function halfway normally on 2 of 3 days. There would usually be 2, 3 days a wk where the pills would NOT do enough good to benefit me.

I also had problems with my feet because of neuropathy (from the back damage, not from Diabetes, I don't have); very little feeling in my left one, none in my right. The only time I got feeling in them was when I covered them, wore shoes or socks- then hey would get SO.. hot, it was like they were on fire; they even felt extremely hot to touch.

That was before I got blessed by God when He lead me to the 4th, soon 2 b 3rd, largest Network marketing co. and its no. 1 selling product that has led them to $2 billion after 8 yrs. Thank God for them and the product that costs me between 4 and $5 per day. My son spends more than that on some energy drink b4 he goes to the gym. I'm going to my Dr. (whom I'm recruiting) next week for tests to see what meds I can come off of. ALL because of what my God, the Father (Yahuah, Jehovah) has done by leading me to my NM co. and because of that ONE product.

There have been several thousand studies done on this all natural juice made from a little known botanical grown mostly in S.E. Asia. This fruit has at least 5 times more xanthones than any other, more anti-oxidants, polynutrients with anti-inflammatory properties, ant-fungal, anti-bacterial, etc. My co. will probably be the 2nd largest NM co by the end of 2012. And will have hit 2 1/2 to $3 billion at thge same time because of its health and wellness products. It even has all-natural kids' vitamins and cosmetics, lotions, etc now. In Jan 12, they are coming out with a weight-loss product and program. But the Juice I drink everyday has lessened my insatiable taste for sweets. My child who has ADHD x 2 has been drinking some ANd her symptoms have diminished substantially. Thank God again. Another Blessing.

Guess I've said enough 4 now. Still rejoicing, Capn Richard

Capn Richard

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