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10/10/2011 4:51:42 AM

You can earn in Florida lottery business from anywhere in the world!

Lotto Magic is the only business that's ever paid me consistently, and I've tried a ton of businesses, online and offline, just like everyone else. It's rated A with the Better Business Bureau and is the only business I whole-heatedly recommend to everyone, all the time!

Lotto Magic has been worldwide for over 16 years and is rated A with the Better Business Bureau. This is the only business that has paid me consistently, and that people are excited to join, and I've tried a ton of businesses.

Lotto Magic is run by really great people, Richard Moore (he published a mail-order newspaper during the 1990's called Emerald Coast News), and Mike Caruana (marketing director, he was/is extremely successful in MLM for over 20 years)

Thanks for reading all this, I hope you see the greatness of Lotto Magic, many people immediately refuse to look at it because of the lottery aspect. Aren't all our business investments a gamble, if we hope to earn back more than we put in, and many times don't even see a return of our investment? I'd call each business a definite gamble if there's no guarantee. What I know for sure is, I've received 46 consecutive monthly paychecks since February 2007, that's after the membership is deducted, I had net profit every month. I knew of Richard Moore for many years before I joined, he's a very reputable person in the mail-order industry. I have rock-solid belief in Lotto Magic, it's proven reliable.

There's a huge prospect pool, 10,000,000's of people play the lottery on a regular basis, and 100,000,000's of people are looking for an honest homebased business. 42 states and Washington DC and the Virgin Islands all participate in Powerball, that's over 80% of USA. Lotto Magic makes it possible for most of the rest of the world to participate, each person who joins under us equals an additional ticket every Wednesday and Saturday in Powerball and Florida Lotto, up to 18 additional tickets per month per signup. This business is promoted by tons of people online and offline, but there's no worry about saturation, the prospect pool will never be exhausted, the excitement level is steady because of the twice-weekly lottery drawings, easily checked at We all know our numbers ahead of time, there's nothing hidden from us, it's all above-board.

I hope you seriously consider joining, the Power Captain option will maximize your income potential. Thank you again so much for reading this! If I didn't believe in Lotto Magic whole-heartedly, I wouldn't put my time and words into it for 3 years!

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