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ANYONE can succeed!
6/22/2011 12:26:34 PM
"I didn't fail a thousand times, the light bulb was an invention
with a thousand steps" -Thomas Edison

What a great attitude to have, I know a lot of people
that would have given up after "failing" once - let alone
a thousand times...

Although, I think persistence was a great part of Edison's
success, it wasn't the only or main factor.

ANYONE could have done what he did, and anyone can create
incredible success. So why is it that only 3% of the population
are creating results in ANY area of their lives?
There is such a small percentage of people that are really
making it happen.

Watch this video here:

Talk soon,

Etelka Koshemakin

P.S. This is the same info that helped an Olympic gold medalist.
Pretty cool. Watch the video here:
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