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How To Protect Your Kids On Facebook
5/10/2011 3:55:02 PM

Kids today on Social Media Networks such as Facebook are playing a dangerous game,

if you're not managing what they're doing online they could be in contact with any

number of online predators and freaks that you may not find out about until its too

late. These kids could be giving out all kinds of personal information to these

predators that you don't have a clue about such as, phone numbers, address, school

locations, log-in information as well.

You could monitor their computer use by putting the computer in a common area where

you can monitor them but what about their Smartphones? This is a dangerous time for

kids and parents because kids will download anything thats free because they know

you won't give them money to buy everything they ask for online. Besides the danger

of online predators you also have the danger of them downloading a virus.

I personally would do everything in my power to protect my children because when it

comes down to it, we're responsible for their safety. If you're interested in

learning about some of the Red Flags to look out for, take a look at my e-book on

how to protect your child or children online. I made sure the book is affordable at just $4.99

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