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Your Facebook and other social media information page.
4/24/2011 12:47:29 PM
I have noticed on some social sites, mostly Facebook, that someone will post a message in a group. They may post in a group that will allow them to post their home business opportunity. So you may want to find out more about this person and maybe make friends with them, since they are into network marketing.

So you click on their name to get more information on this person, but, when you get to the page with their information (or a least some information) you get a message that this person will only share their information only after you send them a friend request and they accept it. I think if you are promoting a work at home business that you have some information available if someone looks at your profile, before you make friends.

I believe some people do this because they are cautious about what friends they make. I understand this and can see why they are cautious about it. You may have a lot of personal friends and family on your Facebook account and like me you don’t want to take a chance on people you don’t know and people that don’t know how to do network marketing right, spamming your personal friends and family.

My solution to this is you may want to create another Facebook account that is only used to conduct your business ventures. This way all of your new friends will be in network marketing and you won’t have to worry about them spamming your family. This way you can be more open with your information page and will be able to have your links to your business ventures and more information about you and want you do. You just never know, that person that is looking at your information before they make friends with you might just be the person that will join you in your business next.

In review if you have your Facebook information page set up like this, think about taking this approach to setting up another account. It will open the door to more like minded people like yourself and I truly believe it will help you make more friends. The more friends you make, the more chances you have of meeting someone that will join you in your business. Even if they don’t join you or you don’t join them, you have a new friend that you can share ideas with and learn from one another. I know personally I love helping people and Facebook and other social sites like Adland Pro, gives me a chance to do just that.

Wishing each and everyone of you that is reading this much success in your life and your business.

Don Weathersbee
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