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Why do we fear Network Marketing?
4/23/2011 5:08:06 AM
Network Marketing is something a lot of us fear. When the reality is network marketing is something we have been doing since age 5 (five).

About age five (5) we start recommending toys, cartoons and different places we like to eat to our friends and parents. By age 16 (sixteen) we recommend movies, books and maybe a show on television.

When we were 21 (twenty-one) and above we recommend the car dealer we bought our car from. We recommend a place to get a car repair done. We recommend to our friends a nice hotel to stay at or a restaurant. We have no problem telling a friend about a new product we discovered in the store. We don’t seem to have any trouble with recommending all these things through our life.

Now we have a network marketing business and have a product or services to sell. Why do we have such a hard time recommending our products to people, after all, we have been doing it all our lives?

Is it because now we will make money from this recommendation? Is it because we don’t have faith in the product or service? Maybe it’s the fact that we feel like we will get rejected!

I believe we have to search deep within ourselves to determine why we have the problem with recommending something we have a stake in.

If we just keep doing what we have always done we can sell and recommend our products and services to others. We can feel good about our company and what we have to offer.

Just keep one thing in mind. We are all adults here. We all have our likes and dislikes. We all have our own taste for things. I like sweet tea and you may not. So no matter how hard I try to get you to like sweet tea, the fact is, you never will. So after I discover that you don’t like sweet tea, there is no reason for me to keep trying to sell you sweet tea. That’s ok, I just move on to someone that likes sweet tea as much as I do. Now I have a prospect for my sweet tea.

So keep promoting and recommending your product or service, but, when you figure out it’s not a good fit for your prospect, say thank you and move on.

So in review, if you have something you like and can believe in, you use this product or service yourself, then it will be easy for you to recommend it to others. Your business will grow and so will your self- confidence. Soon the fear will be no more.

To your success,

Don Weathersbee

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