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Roger Macdivitt .

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When life gets too hard do we run for the hills?
4/21/2011 11:11:07 PM

Adland pro has the VERY BEST forum system online.

I've been around, here, there and everywhere and never found better but for some reason there is a self-destruct button that keeps getting pressed.

I made a promise to Bogdan that I would promote Adland as much as possible. My idea, not his.

Yes, I get despondent like everyone does but I am, deep down, a fighter and a positive thinker but when wheels keep coming off it is probably time to get a new wagon.

I'm off to the wagon dealership to check things out. Who knows I may find a bargain.


POTW again

RE: When life gets too hard do we run for the hills?
4/22/2011 1:13:40 PM

Roger, dear friend, I can totally understand your frustration and emphatize with you. For the few times I have been able to be here this week, I have become surprised at the small number of friends online. Also, the distinct small number of responses in the forums.

Like you say, I like the way of forums here better than any other community, even Facebook.

I don't have an answer and would be interested to hear Bogdan's take on this. There could be several reasons and one of them is this week is very important for Christians around the world. I know that is one thing that has kept me busy. Today is such a special day for all of us and on Good Friday we can hope for a better time to start following Sunday.

I am off to read your message. Have a blessed weekend and wonderful Easter. Will you get to see those granddaughters?? I hope so.



Bogdan Fiedur

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RE: When life gets too hard do we run for the hills?
4/22/2011 6:16:25 PM
Hello Roger and Sara,

Yes, this is what happens. When things get tough people run for the hills.
The point is that you can only make the difference when you are where things are tough. It might be true that when you run for the hills, you might get some conditions where you feel relaxed or there is less stress there, but you are not making any impact either.

Here is my view what is happening in the social network arena.

There are today thousands of different communities and there are several like facebook or twitter which are being pushed by globalists.

This environment is diluting the memberships and people are just having less time today to visit all of their networks.

Sites like facebook offer their members lots of ideas for wasting the time and many have impression that they are accomplishing something by beating around the bush.
Facbook is just a data mining operation for CIA and their pockets have no bottoms.
This will also change. See what is happening to myspace and Google wasn't even able to get their own successful community going. They are shutting down Google videos now due to lack of interests.

Anyway things are changing and if all you are looking for is to kill the time, facebook might be your best choice right now.

We are now at the last stage of preparing an experiment as part of adjustment to the new environment.
To this moment we are effectively running two sites. One is main Adlandpro site and the other is community.

When new members are joining to place ads on Adlandpro site, they are offered a way to join community (this requires just selecting checkbox). So many of those who place ads on main Adlandpro site select the check box to join the community and are taken to place where ads are submitted. They never have the chance to see the community and they leave when they are done with ads. When you see profile with question marks as their picture, these are this kind of users. There is now around 80%-90% of those who show up here as new members but had no chance to visit community directly.

The experiment which we want to implement will do the opposite, anyone who will want to place an ad, will be taken through the steps of creating an account within community and their ads will be also submitted through community interface and managed through the community interface.

This way we are hoping to familiarize new members with community while they are still here which can get them involved before they go somewhere else.

This should give opportunity for up 200 new members to be part of community being fully aware of such entity each day.

I will need your help for this as two of you have shown lots of interests in this community to be vibrant and active. There is probably no way I could show you have thankful I'm for this.

The old community members who are still here, are very much divided and there are animosities which are disabling any initiative which could serve all involved. We need newer users involved who will help with overcoming the divisions and bring new energy here.

Anyway I thought this could be something of the positive for today.
I wish you happy Easter and lots of happiness in your lives.

Bogdan Fiedur

Be a victor not a victim. Simply be responsible for what happensin your life.
Truth can only be found by those who have the humility to consider what they do not prefer.

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RE: When life gets too hard do we run for the hills?
4/22/2011 6:36:29 PM

Thank you Bogdan for this information. We can only hope it will improve the social community and do appreciate your efforts.

I love that picture and saw it somewhere else but never got around to commenting. Little rabbits are so cute.

Happy Easter,


Patricia Bartch

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RE: When life gets too hard do we run for the hills?
4/22/2011 7:06:46 PM
i communicate with quite a few old adland friends on facebook. it is very nice to come across friends in various groups. i don't see these people here on adland very often. i don't know why they don't come on very often (i have my own theory).

it is nice to make new friends and i am glad to see the various businesses. i am glad to see the music and photo threads. those 2 interests keep adland vibrant.

i will not get involved in word wars, i don't have the energy or interest to put my opinion out there. AS PER THE SUBJECT LINE ...i guess i am the type of person when that kind of thing occurs, i run for the hills. i have other things to occupy myself and life is too short to get all crazy. i'm recuperating from back surgery also and i find it tiring to be on the computer too much.

i visit A FEW forums - like i said, i enjoy the music, arts, philosphy forums. i like the POTW and hope it continues.

i hope adland continues to improve. please look me up on facebook if you are there.


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