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So, now it's time for you to make a decision...
1/20/2011 7:31:19 PM
**Like a breath of fresh air!!**


We will help advertise your GDI business until you
receive 6 - 1st level GDI referrals.

Then we will stop advertising your GDI downline
and advertise your 6 - 1st level referrals' GDI

Step 1:
Join GDI for $10 a month.
(Click on the Big Red Button on the GDI COOP Page

Step 2:
Once you are a GDI member, then become a
GDI COOP member for $3.50 a month.
(Click on the Green Button that says,
'Already a GDI member?' and then use the payment button.)

Step 3:
After you are a GDI Coop member you
have the option to become a GDI Auto-Pilot Member
for $7.00 a month.
(After logging into your GDI Coop membership site,
you'll see the simple instructions on how to
pay the $7.00 for the Auto-Pilot option.)

Total cost to run your business:
$10 for GDI
$3.50 for GDI Coop
$7.00 for Auto-Pilot option
equals =

$20.50 a month total.

So for $20.50 a month you have the potential
to be earning a $9,330 + or more a month.

Francisco Dejesus
"Francisco Never Quit"

If you do not wish to receive these email you can cancel your
membership by clicking this link

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