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You Can Beat A Race …But You Can’t Beat The Races!
12/20/2010 7:25:44 PM
This is the truest maxim in horse racing and it’s the reason why here at the Horse Betting Professor we prefer to make vertical bets as opposed to horizontal bets. Hey Rich, what the heck does a vertical vs. a horizontal bet mean? Well, I’m glad you asked …

Vertical bets are those that go from one race to the next. For example, a Daily Double is a type of wager calling for the selection of winners of two consecutive races. A Pick 3 is a wager calling for the selection of the winners of three consecutive races. A Pick 4 and Pick 6 are exactly what they sound like.

On the other hand we have horizontal bets like the trifectas and superfectas. A trifecta is a wager picking the first three finishers of one race in exact order while a superfecta is picking the first 4 finishers of one race in exact order.

Now if you have a system that allows you to knock out 5 of the 8 horses running right off the bat, and leaves you with only 2-4 horses that have a legitimate chance to win the race – and you can do this every race – then betting Pick 3’s and the like is a no-brainer. A high percentage of the time ONE of your horses is going to win the race.

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