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Last Day To Save 73% for Crowd Conversion Facebook Training... truly time sensit
12/6/2010 7:02:08 PM
Hello friends,

The doors for the Crowd Conversion 3.0 promotional
package close tomorrow night (Monday, Dec 6th) at Midnight.

This is your very last chance to take advantage of this
incredible package they've put together for you.

I have it and it really is GOOD!

[The 73% Discount Ends Monday At Midnight]

(If you missed the announcement, the folks at
Crowd Conversion have just added 4 advanced
training sessions as a huge final mega bonus for you).

So...including that awesome new bonus they just'll be getting...

**The complete Crowd Conversion 3.0 multimedia
training, showing you the RIGHT way to use Facebook,
to explode your Fan Page, build a base of eager
subscribers and attract a steady stream of buyers.

**The Crowd Conversion brand new Facebook Ads training,
taught by the top Facebook Ads experts in the world,
who openly share their secrets to making a fortune online.

This is totally awesome all by itself! You’d be
crazy to pass this one up!

**Four weeks of intimate, in-depth dedicated
Question & Answer, with coaching sessions.
You’ll literally be guided every step of the
way through the process of building your new
Facebook empire.

**You’ll get to invite one “study buddy” or
accountability partner to go through the
entire program with you at NO ADDITIONAL COST
(Two places For The Price Of One!)

As if that wasn't enough...they are still including
a terrific bonus from world famous social media
expert David Bullock.

It not only provides a full case study of Barack
Obama's social media campaign, that led to his
election...and gives detailed lessons you can apply
to any business on the planet (David was called
into the White House by Obama's campaign

It will also teach you...

- The exact sequence you need to put your prospects through
to turn them quickly from fans into customers

- The keys to building your marketable offer

- New communication strategies using social media

- How to identify your market in hidden places most people don't know about

- Leveraging and integrating online and offline marketing channels

- The secrets to list building using social media

The 7 Content packed webinars that deliver this priceless
information from David Bullock's bonus is also yours when
you purchase this training, and if...

Crowd Conversion 3.0 is right for you, really makes this huge
package a true no-brainer.

Again, this is your very last chance to capitalize on
this massive value...but you have to take action now,
or it will be gone forever.

[This Is Your Very Last Chance...So See The Details Here, Now!]

To Your Success!

In sincere appreciation,

Linda Miller

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