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Be Aware of What REALLY Motivates You?
11/10/2010 1:12:13 PM


I've seen it again and again with people in network marketing:

You will quit if you don't know your "WHY."

When you come on a stumbling block, maybe it's a negative in-law or something, and you have a 71% WHY, but you hit a 72% impediment, you're done. You are toast.

But when you have a "kick-butt" WHY out in front of you, you will never, never quit.

A new business is always a risk. People risk to avoid pain, or to achieve pleasure. Answering these questions may help you find your "WHY".

* What gets you REALLY excited?
* How many hours a week do you work?
* What do you LOVE about your job?
* What do you HATE about your job?
* What do you do with your free time?
* If you had 2 months vacation and all the money you wanted, what would you do?
* How do you like the people you work with?
* What problem scares you to death that more money could solve?
* What do you just absolutely HATE about your life that more money could solve?
* If you had all the money you needed, what HUGE problem would go away?
* If you had all the TIME in the world to do anything you wanted, what would you do?
* Other than money, what are you looking for?

Here's a starting point.

Life is good when you get to do the things that make life really worthwhile for you.

Take Care
Jessie Veal
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Take Care Jessie veal 225-301-7616

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