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This is the Hottest Opportunity of the year
10/21/2010 2:15:19 AM


It doesn't get much better than this! I've found a plan that gives you multiple $200 Walmart Gift Cards and multiple checks of $300 each month, week or day. Best part.. takes no time away from your current job or business. Please read on.... it's worth your time.

This is a perfect add-on... get your groceries, gas, anything really, for free with Walmart Gift Cards... plus an additional stream of income.... absolutely does not take away from your main job or business.
A friend of mine, Pete K. introduced me to the Master Distributor and the owners. They have a simple and practical model.

Amazingly, there is nothing to lose; it's all win!-win!

This is how it works...

Join as a member and purchase a grocery voucher for $200 (plus $10 website fee). Immediately you
may order $200 worth of groceries or you may choose $200 Wal-mart Gift Card. Then you are placed at
the top of your own 2 by 2 matrix.

Know anyone who buys groceries and shops at Walmart or Sam's Club?
After you join simply refer 2 Friends in need of Free Groceries and Cash.
You are now qualified to be paid over and over again in the 2x2 Matrix.

If you think there has to be downside, this is it; If you never get 2, you can still use the $200 voucher for groceries delivered to your front door.
More upside: Help 2 enroll 2 and your grocery voucher is exchanged for a $200 prepaid Walmart Card, plus $300 cash. Details are fabulous.

Upside gets better: The prepaid Walmart card can be used at any Walmart / Sam's Club in the US, Canada, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Buy your gas, clothing, groceries, tires, tools, etc. Two who enroll two is a complete cycle. Once you cycle you begin a new matrix... and your friends follow you over and over again. It's brilliant!

There is no limit to the number of times you can cycle each month, week or day. Every time you do, you earn $500 ($200 prepaid Walmart card and $300 cash) – ALL for no additional out of pocket money. You can give people the most basic things they need right now – CASH & GAS and GROCERIES!

Money is Tight, Providing People the Basics is Huge – Groceries and Shopping Walmart with Your FREE Walmart Gift Cards, Month After Month.

Order a one time out-of-pocket ~ your $200 grocery voucher is the only out of pocket. It's just that simple. Easy to earn Free Groceries – Free Gasoline - and Free Cash! I'm cynical; when I did the math on the cycle system I was knocked out, it's works... endlessly.

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