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10/12/2010 4:19:49 PM
I wrote you a couple days ago to tell you about a survey site that
I saw on the news that pays you to just fill out surveys voicing
your opinion about products so that major companies know what
products to promote and which ones to throw away before they lose
millions on them.

This site is truly the only survey website on the net that is legit
and pays there members just for filling out quick surveys. The head
marketing guys at a few huge multi million dollar companies went on
live TV and stated that they use this site to get opinions from regular
people on products before they put them in the market place and
risk millions!

The only bad thing about this is that millions of people saw it
from all over the world and their members area filled up way past
capacity within 2 days of the broadcast. THERE ARE NO MEMBERSHIPS

As soon as I first heard about this site I reserved a handful of
memberships for my closest friends and family, and lucky for you I
reserved 7 extra memberships.

These are the last 7 memberships.... After these 7 memberships are
gone you will not be able to get in and cash in on this incredible

I am sending this email to just a handful of my subscribers who I see
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Congratulations because you are one of these few members but act fast
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