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How To Get Any Woman To Love You
9/30/2010 5:04:18 PM
Hi Guys and Girls

Firstly girls please tune out, I know you probably won't. But this is for guys only.

Guys I am going to tell you how to get any woman you want, and show you how to get them to love you.

This this information is free and given with love....

Firstly when you find yourself in conversation with available women, learn to listen, what you want is unimportant to woman until that fall in love with you.

Be a good listener, answer any questions with an honest answer, do not get off subject and ramble on.

Woman love to talk and hold attention so let them do most of the talking. They can tell if they are attracted to you, not by your looks but by your personality and confidence. Within a short time most woman will instinctively know if they like you.

Take your time and if at first things do not seem to be working out, back off and try again another time. Woman are emotional, so to be able enough to get them to love you, you must wait until the time is right and they are in the right emotional or spiritual mood. Note I did not say intoxicated.

It can take up to 10 years to get the woman you want to fall in love with you as some times their are other matters woman must take into account before they can find you as their perfect partner, just be yourself be a consistent and reliable friend. Most woman will keep any man as a friend if he is not too pushy, make yourself available when they need your friendship, advise or help.

Always ask the woman you ask out, "what do you prefer to do?" let them have all the say unless they through back to you. Do have some good interesting options available, just in case

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