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Scooters & Motorbikes in India.
7/28/2010 1:40:16 PM

Hello from Chiang Mai.

During our travels in India, we saw so many things carried on Scooters and Motorbikes. I just wish i had a camera at the time.

We have seen.

A six foot tall pair of step ladders. perched in between the scooter driver and the passenger. But the step ladders were sticking up in the air.Very dodgy in India, as they just tend to hang high voltage electric cables across the road from the trees.

A scooter with three screaming pigs, feet tied, on the floor of the scooter.

A fella carrying a bus tyre hung around his neck.

Two guys on a scooter. One driving the other one holding on to a massive mirror.

2 guys on a scooter. with a 12 foot or more plastic pipe balanced on their heads.

A scooter pulling a big Palm Tree. along the main road.

A scooter with Dad Mum and 3/4/5 kids. on the way to school. They do this in Thailand as well.

A scooter with piles of flatened cardboard boxes, dont know how this guy kept his balance.

The women go shopping and hang bags and bags of stuff on the handle bars. I have tried this. It's not easy.

They also carry Gas Bottles (Calor Gas) tied on with string, these gas bottles are very heavy when full.

Seen one guy with 6 boxes of beer balanced all over the scooter. there are 12 large bottles of beer in each box.

If a scooter runs out of fuel. A friend will push the other scooter with his scooter by putting his foot on the back end. And off they go.

We have seen them with very long Bamboo poles. Planks of wood. Rolls of Barbed Wire. Rolls of Cable. Every thing goes on the scooter. And now one wears a helmet. they have a T Shirt Shorts and Flip Flops on.

Various Pictures UK India Sril Lanka Bangkok plus more 470.jpg

Scooter pipes.jpg

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