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The "Law of Attraction"?
7/2/2010 7:38:46 PM

I have been fortunate enough to spend time around the main person who was the foundation of the famed movie "The Secret". He was filmed for over 14 hours and only used 8 minutes of his work for the film. When you go see John in person, he will tell you that publication NEVER told you what the "secret" truly is! The law of attraction-what you think about is what you bring about is not a secret and not entirely true! What you are emotionally "charged about" is what you think about is what you bring about-that is a whole other topic for sure.

Why is it so many think about money but none arrives? What most think about is LACK of money and more lack shows up, so it does work! Would be fun to actually record all the thoughts everyone thinks about each day-I wonder how many of them you have already thought previously?-google says 12,000-50,000 thoughts daily is average for most.

Two things come to mind-talk is cheap and checks don't lie-numbers never do. 95% of the world does not have money, which ultimately says it is simply not important to us-of the seven areas of life it is a lower value to most-myself included, even though I am a self made multi-millionaire from home businesses! A fulfilling life, is just that-fulfilling. What fulfills anyone comes from our "voids" we experience in our childhood-which also determines our values-which is the master of our lives-our hierarchy of values will never change in our lives-associations to our values can though-THAT is the secret you all want to discover!

Most people who wish to be spiritual repel money-why? How many of us want everything for our families but that also gets in the way of making money for them? We can answer these questions and so many more. Funny thing is, you likely can too! What I mean is, everyone who "wants" to lose weight, knows what to do-period! I have found most short term goals get in the way of the long term ones-long term, you wish to trim down-short term you wish to eat that ice cream. The trick? Is getting the same feeling of NOT eating the ice cream as when you is the SAME for making money-most know how to save, but do not. Doing what you know to do in life-what a difference make for sure.

The Laws of Attraction have been working your whole life-you have actually manifested the life you LOVE, not the life you would "like". The stuff we all like is our fatansies-every fantasy has a nightmare attached to it too. What we love is when we are willing to endure both pain/pleasure equally to have what it is we love-what we love easily comes to us as it is our highest values! What is low on our list? Is drudgery for sure

So I alluded I spent some time around "they guy". What I am TRULY fortunate is my partner studied for years and surpassed his work completely-I get to spend time each day with the worlds top specialist on Equilibration! When you have that experience, your life will never be the same-you will be on your way to living a life of sincerely fulfillment and yes, you might even get paid too! LOL. It is hard not to come across as completely arrogant as our material will solve and resolve any life issue-for 13 years it has yet to fail when someone "does the work". That does include becoming wealthy financially. Next blog I will share stories of many clients and team members who's lives have been changed forever-maybe one day we will share yours? Prosperoud regards, Dr. Mike

Dr. Michael FitzPatrick ThD I Can...™ Co-Founder and CEO 208-304-8385 The Greatest Treasure Hunt in the World! "Our prayers are answered not when we are given what we ask, but when we are challenged to be what we can be." -Morris Adler

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