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The Unified Tribe where members post your content FOR you at your favorite socia
7/2/2010 11:52:57 AM
Hello friends,

Come Join me at the Unified Tribe where members post your content FOR you at your favorite social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Digg and StumbleUpon. How cool is that? Of course, you will do the same for them and it's quick and easy the way Katie the owner has it set up... plus you learn a lot!

Visit my Profile Page and see what I have created in just a few weeks...

AND you will get Katie's excellent SOCIAL MEDIA MANIFESTO just for visiting...

It's brilliant! And you can choose who you want to support.

All of us are gathering Followers at Twittter, Friends and Fans at Facebook and all over the place we are joining TRIBES and gathering Tribe members.

Who knew we would networking with TRIBES?

Well, a few weeks ago two friends of mine invited me to join the Unified Tribe and I had no IDEA!

I had no idea how much support and training and community and sharing was going to be available.

I highly encourage you to watch the video and you will see what I mean...

This new TRIBE is now one of my favorite social communities because it is MORE than a social community. It is a community of members all looking for the same thing... to learn how to blog and market online ... and they are all so very generous with sharing what they have learned in the resource and training center...

AND... the owner Katie is brilliant. She has create a really UNIFIED TRIBE community with fantastic training Library and webinars sharing the BEST training about blogging and internet marketing.

TAKE a look at her VIDEO here as she explains how she did it. She will also GIVE YOU...

... her entire SOCIAL MEDIA MANIFESTO just for visiting...

And she builds BLOGS for you too!


I am already meeting lots of new friends, getting lots of positive feedback and learning a lot too!

There are training resources, videos, forums, blogs, and SO much more, all related to blogging and social networking.

Get your complimentary SOCIAL MEDIA MANIFESTO and watch the VIDEO of Katie here...

I think you will be as impressed as I am!

Enjoy the Social Media Manifesto too.

Visit my Profile Page and see what I have created in just a few weeks...

Hope to be adding you to my Tribe too soon!

Remember to get your complimentary Social Media Manifesto here:

Many blessings for your prosperity and well being.

In sincere appreciation,

Linda Miller

The Global Energy Self Healing Evolution

has begun... Watch the video here...

Living in joyful Gratitude.

PS - Katie has also built in a lucrative affiliate program, so you can also create another income stream if you choose!

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