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Private Invitation: Webinar tonight for New Social Media biz coming...
6/27/2010 8:25:13 PM
Hello friends,

An online friend of many years contacted me about this and asked me to take a look by private invitation only, so I don’t know much about it yet... EXCEPT for the fact that it has to do with Social Media… and I KNOW that is just going to get bigger and bigger, so I am a bit curious….

This is the information I was given...

We are positioning and preparing for an exciting business pre launch. The purpose of this registration process is to communicate with a select group of people that will be given the opportunity to be at the very top of this new company. This is a financial opportunity that has been made available by the person that referred you. Take 2 minutes and fill out the registration form right now. You will immediately receive an email with your personal ID. Use your ID to refer friends and clients that you would like to help develop a new income stream based on the POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA. They can also register for a position and refer their good friends and business associates at this time. Our software is tracking registrations and creating a downline. When pre launch begins you will be given the opportunity to maintain your position and create an immediate income stream.

If you are curious like me, GO HERE To REGISTER:

I looked at it... it has to do with SOCIAL MEDIA - which is what got my attention... because I know social media is going to continue to grow and grow AND grow!

So I submitted my information to learn more. If YOU want to step out and do what I did... just fill in the form here and you'll be on the list to learn more.

I do see a back office (which I am sure is temporary), so I think I will know when you put your name on the list so we can keep in touch.

Get your name on the list here if you're curious like me...

If you choose to get your name on the list to learn more, I will get a notification and I will send you the link to register for the Update Webinar tonight Sunday June 27 at 9 pm eastern.

And we'll see what happens together!

Many blessings for your joy, success and prosperity!

In sincere appreciation,

Linda Miller

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