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What Are You Attracting Today?
6/14/2010 5:32:29 AM
What Are You Attracting Today?

Recently when I sat down for my morning meditation I began to write affirmations as they came to me and what came to me was a series of "Today I am attracting..." affirmations.

I realized that I was getting clear on what I want to attract into my life... for when we are not clear on what we want to attract and do so deliberately, we are always attracting by default.

We are always attracting what we are thinking... whether we want it or not.

Hmmm.... think about that.

What are you attracting today?

If what we attract to us is a result of the thoughts we are thinking, and we are not conscious of the thoughts we are thinking, and therefore attracting whatever it is we are UN-consiously thinking, who knows what we will get?

It certainly will not be what we WANT to attract if we have not defined what it is we DO want to attract... right?

So, I share with you today the affirmations that came to me in the hope that they will be of benefit to you and to encourage you to decide every day what it is you want to attract to you.

You may use these affirmations as you please and also add your own to consciously attract what you want each day.

Today I am attracting motivated souls who want to make a difference in the world.

Today I am attracting people who are inspired to get into business with me.

Today I am attracting inspirational guidance to make the most of my day.

Today I am attracting new customers and business partners who have money and motivation.

Today I am attracting new income streams.

Today I am attracting new friends.

Today I am attracting resources to expand my business.

Today I am attracting wealth, abundance and well being.

Today I am attracting a greater love for myself.

Today I am attracting a clear mind.

Today I am attracting clarity.

Today I am attracting the ability to eliminate activities and beliefs that no longer serve my divine purpose.

Today I am attracting divine inspiration.

Today I am attracting love.

What are you attracting today?

What will you attract tomorrow?

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