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Free Apple Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Magic Mouse or iPod
6/3/2010 3:01:30 PM

Do you want to get a free Apple product?

A free Macbook Pro or Air, a new iPhone or iPod or even the brand new iPad?

Then read on and I tell you how you can order your free Apple product for free! Nothing to pay! All it will take is a few hours of your time.

What you need to do:

You need to sign up with the program, then sign up for one of the offers on the site and get your friends or colleagues to join and do the same. And how does not want a brand new Macbook, iPhone, iPod or iPad …? (You can order any of the products listed.)

How will you find referrals?

Well – if you don’t like asking others to join the program, then there are other option as well.

You can use the referral link you will get in your email signature, you can post the link here on AdlandPro or other social networking sites like Facebook, post it on your blog or use it in forums (please check the terms and conditions of the forum first).

In addition, I recommend you to use websites, that allows you to share your link and in return you are supposed to visit other people links and sites and you earn referrals for doing so. These are called Referral Exchanges and the good thing is – they are free.

Here is one and there more, just google them:


How can my gift be for free?

The program I ask you to join earns money from the offers they offer and with these earning, they are able to buy the gift you are about to select.

Are you ready?

If not, I thank you for your time reading this. Maybe you want to come back later to claim your free Apple product.

If yes, then please read on and I show you within 3 quick steps how you can order your free Apple product.

Keep in mind, you won’t get all the referrals you need over night. You need to give it some time, and it will work when you are patient.

Here we go now:

  1. Sign up with Freebie Jeebies
    Be sure you use your real details to ensure once the gift is being sent, it will actually reach you.
  2. Complete an offer: Have a look, the offers that are available to you depend your location but there are free offers to complete, try one of those. You might be asked to enter your credit card details and if this is the case be sure to cancel the subscription at the end of the free trial period and you pay nothing.
  3. Refer your friends to join the programs (see my tips above; I really recommend you join one or two Referral Exchanges).

Enjoy your free brand new Apple Product. The choice is yours.

Best wishes


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RE: Free Apple Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Magic Mouse or iPod
7/4/2010 3:37:37 AM
i was about to sign up but the offer is not available in my countr..i also want to win freebies but if i put other country in my details i will not receive the freebie as will i sign up then?
RE: Free Apple Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Magic Mouse or iPod
7/4/2010 1:23:03 PM
Hello. As far as I know the program should be open to all countries
Can I kindly as you to contact them directly by email:

Please let me know the outcome!
Thank you.
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