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For everyone worried about the economy !
5/27/2010 10:11:45 PM
"Everybody stumbles across a golden opportunity at least once
In a lifetime. Unfortunately most people just pick themselves up,
Dust themselves down, and walk away from it"
- Sir Winston Churchill
Hello my friend,
Do you have a Plan "B"? If you don't then perhaps you are not aware of what is going on in today's world.
I do not mean that disrespectfully but what would happen if you lost your JOB (just over broke)? There is no job security in the world we live in today.
Do YOU REALLY BELIEVE that the government is going to take care of you. If you do, I have some ocean front property to sell you in Arizona!
We have a better way. Network marketing has come of age and more and more people are recognizing this.
No commute, many legal tax deductions, work from home etc.
Does it happen overnight? No, but with some perseverance and a realization that it takes a little money to run a business you CAN succeed.
Can you run a snow cone (snowball stand in Baltimore) stand without any expense? Ans: No, you must have ice, cups, flavor, signs and a stand and a willingness to work the stand and promote your business.
I cannot believe how many people who actually think they can go into a business and not have ANY EXPENSE!!! Are they on the same planet as we?
I am not saying to quit your "job" but I am asking you to prepare for the future BECAUSE you don't know what the future is going to bring.
Your life can change in SECONDS!
How would your life improve if you just had an extra $400,- a month coming in by investing $29,-?
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RE: For everyone worried about the economy !
9/15/2010 6:46:12 PM
Customers & Milliondollar Earners already agree.
FitnessMagic a Billion Dollar Product.
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Thank you Chris! You saved my life when you introduced me to MyGlobalPayline and I came across "Fitness Magic." Guess I had to "experience" the product before I got serious about building a TriUnity/MyGlobalPayline business!

God bless you!

Maurice Stewart
Toronto, Ontario


Pat Buchanan who has lost 19 lbs in a month!
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Jeannie Beltz has lost 10 lbsJeannie said the is great for her metabolism ! Jeannie just takes
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Diane D. A RN dropped so far from a 3X to a 1X
You go girl...
I am from India. I live in a city called Chennai. Chennai is also called as the world capital for diabetes. I myself a diabetes with high blood sugar. Major chunk of the diabetes they have a combination of diabetes with obesity, high BP and heart disease
Of course I do not have this combo but pure diabetes. When I studies the working of the fitness magic I was of the view that the pills may help the control of the diabetes. When I consulted my diabetologist he recommended the medicines and advised me to take the medicine. However I decided to subject myself to study the impact of fitness magic. Before taking the fitness magic capsules I first tested my blood sugar level. The test revealed that my blood sugar level was alarmingly high - showing sugar level of 333 before fasting and 393 after taking the food. Instead of taking the prescribed drugs I started taking one capsule two hours after taking my food. Daily I checked my blood sugar with the help of gluco meter. Within ten days I was able to bring my blood sugar to 250 points. After twenty days my blood sugar level stabilized to an average do 220. I was earlier feeling hungry and thirsty through out the day. After taking the capsule my hunger subsidized. According to the instructions while taking the capsule I took water frequently. The feeling of tiredness also disappeared.
I used a software called diabetes manager and analyzed the sugar level sampled during different time periods and created a profile. During the period I took the fitness magic capsule my blood sugar level was in the range of 180-240.
I am sure that the fitness magic will be a good product for the control of diabetes and manage the blood sugar level to remain stable. The capsule will be a sure remedy for the high blood sugar level combined with obesity.
And myself , I'm feeling amazing lost 10lbs in 2weeks and 2inches on my waist with the Fitness Magic.
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