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5/20/2010 12:53:45 AM

Message From A Holy One
Given on 2nd March 2010.

Our Mother of Love

We all are as one with Mother Earth, we are her children, her life, are we to become her death? Are we to share all of her beauties and continue to walk upon the shores of time? Skip with the winds that blow across her flesh, lie upon the softness of her carpets of sweat grasses, touch the flowers that bloom and shine for all to share. If we are, then why are we not caring for her in her illness, her ailments that we as mankind have forced upon her very existence? We are all guilty of the traumas that have been done to our Mother, the Mother who grows with time, the Mother who touches every part of our existence. We are the ones that cause her to suffer deep within her belly, the very heart of our Mother is being torn from her, and the beat of her heart weakens every second of every day.

We all know of death, we have all experienced the passing of a loved one and we all shed tears for those who walk no longer on Mother Earth’s flesh. In time those tears fade and the eyes dry and shed no more tears; this does not mean that memories fade too, the good and the bad times stay within us, we walk forward on our pathway of life still carrying within the heart the memories of those who walk no more. Many wounds heal but the scars remain, is this any different to what our Mother has suffered, suffered in many ways from her children, her children she has and continues to care for and feed so that we can survive on her belly?

A woman cleanses naturally, our Mother cleanses her body too, but mankind has interfered with the natural cleansing of her body causing a kaleidoscope of catastrophes’ around her world. Many lives are lost, the pain and suffering are the wounds of her actions, her actions that have been enhanced by us all; we are still as one, we walk as one, we share her pain and sorrow, her heart is our heart, as her heart weakens our life as we know it also weakens. Remember, the life of our Mother is also the life of both you and me.

Walk the pathway of new beginnings together
Shine the candle of hope for each other
Stand as one against those who wish nothing but harm
To our Mother
Mother Earth.

Message Given For All From The Ancient Holy Ones
On 1st January 2010

You have all walked forward into a New Year of 2010, each step you take will be the pathway for the new beginnings. Never close the eyes to your Mother’s Heartbeat, take hold of your own hearts and free the anguishes of the past. Those of you who seek no revenge are the ones who wish for peace and harmony upon the Earth’s carpet.

Mistakes are abundant through the lack of understandings, many challenges are upon you all; look through the eyes of old, teach the heart to open its doors to change, and change is all that is needed to walk upon the flesh of your Mother’s sacred body.

Peace is in all of you once recognized. May the light forward be the guiding light to eternity. Blessings come from the world beyond the physical lands. Teach only what is the Truth, the Truth will outshine deceit, deception and above all will light the pathway to allow walkways of your journey’s to become reality.


The Sacred White Buffalo

The winds blow upon the lands of old
Stories told around the fires that glowed brightly
Flames flickering and dancing lighting up the midnight skies
Children listening to the words whispered
Eyes wide as they listened of the one’s who shall return

Man’s eyes fail to see
The innocence that shines from the eyes of the child
Many stories continue through time
The Sacredness of the White Buffalo is one that is told
Now they have returned and wait to walk once more
Upon the lands of old

The heart beat is strong
The eyes so deep
Life of the Buffalo
With the coats that are white
Has returned once more
For the life of mankind

Open your arms
Embrace with us all
The Sacred White Buffalo
Who has returned to the lands
To unite all nations
With the heart beat of hope

Stories that have been told
Are stories no more
As the one that is White
Now walks for us all

Our Mother Earth Calls To
Us All

Mankind’s life is a precious gift
Each breath from the child that is born
Is the life of our Planet Mother Earth
Speak words of encouragement to the child of today
And the child of tomorrow
Will grow in strength and understanding
The heart of all Nations is the Heart of our world
Many wise words are given to share amongst mankind
How many of those words shared have the understanding from those who listen
The seeds of life grow within the womb
Mother Earth’s seeds grow deep within her soils
Nurtured as all Mother’s nurture their children
So all may grow with the strength needed to sustain the
Precious gift of all, the gift of life
The call of the wild is the call of Mother Earth’s children
The birds that sing
The wolf that howls to the light of the moon
The eagle that soars high upon the winds of time
The Buffalo that once roamed free upon the lands of many nations
Break free from the bonds of greed
Help the Sacredness of the Buffalo to walk once more
Upon many lands of old
Cherish once more the gift of love
Walk and unite, join in peace, offer the ones chosen the help that is needed
Freedom of those chosen to bring forth new beginnings
Will again be the freedom for us all.
The Sacred White Buffalo Herd
Is now calling for the need for you all to unite and help so that mankind will enjoy the lands of old together
And our children’s children will inherit Mother Earth’s beauties throughout time.

Wise are the words of many children
Those children walk within the light of our Mother, Mother Earth
Placing gentleness down upon the carpet of growth
Each heart, beats with heart of our tomorrow
Shining the light of innocence across all Nations
The tears that fall gently from those eyes of innocence, caress
For those tears that fall are the tears of a child
Share the love and warmth that we all long for
Give the child whose tears fall
The guidance and strength
From the strong arm of comfort.
The eyes of many a child
Awaken to what mankind has given
The gift of nothing is the gift we have given across all Nations
Listen to the child of innocence
Choices we have
Gifts we can share
With those CHILDREN of tomorrow


White Thunder
7th June 2009

Children of Tomorrow

Many of us fail to see the dangers that we have had placed before our eyes. Children of today are open to the teachings of new beginnings for all of us, they see much that we do not recognise ourselves, they are conscious of our planet, Mother Earth. As parents/Grandparents we should be encouraging this new path that the young are walking upon, maybe we can share and learn from them too, it is never to late for us as adults to walk upon the pathway of tomorrow.

Much of our lands are being eroded by the ever pushing seas that crash upon our shores, we place down sea defences and this only helps for awhile, what we need to do is start to change our life styles to help control Global Warming, which effects everywhere upon our planet.

Many people across the world are trying to bring awareness to us all, in each corner of the planet there are numbers of Peace Keepers talking and trying to bring home plain simple facts which are the Truths for us all to listen to and hear the words being spoken. Why is it so hard for us wake up and actually do something to help the situation of today? Many of us agree with what is happening and also what messages are being given through the Media, but how many of us actually put things into practice, or do we just say “I will start and try and do something tomorrow?” Its fact that tomorrow never comes for many of us.

We as a Foundation and as many other people, are trying to help with this grave situation, but we still need support from you all, as a complete body we can start to make an imprint and slowly make changes, which will then encourage the child of tomorrow to follow your footprint that you have made for our planet Earth’s existence.

We all know that time as a whole moves forward and that we cannot live in the past. But what we all can do is bring the past forward, use what was shared by our forefathers and their forefathers and bring together a lot of the ancient ways with the modern ways of today, to minimise the desecration of the Earth, such as the waste of our water, switching off lights etc. when not needed, simple adjustments such as these will help immensely throughout the world.

If the leaders of each country would start themselves and lead us into a better way of living then maybe we all will stand a chance to keep the beauty that we have looking at us right before our very eyes.

Wake up and listen for the sake of our children’s children so that they can enjoy the beauty that is all around us and share in what we have today, and not just memories of the past, let it be the future for each and all of us.

Viisions Life Force Foundation has been set up to help with this and many other problems. Why you could say is it for the Native American Indians? The simple fact and the truth is that many of them still have their culture and beliefs of looking after Mother Earth and in return will be sustained by what she gives back, many of them are still able to walk a simple life, not abusing what the Earth gives freely, they need help like many other people in other countries. A lot of other charities aid the assistance of others but The Native American Indigenous people do not get support. Many of us here in England only associate them with their dress, if you are one who recognises the Native American, have you actually thought to support them in any other way apart from dressing like them, going to gatherings or simply owning dream catchers or any other item that connects their culture to you?

Our web site has had a lot of people checking it out and a lot have returned, which we feel is good, so if you are one of those, why not send in a letter of encouragement to them, all will be passed on to the people we have made contact with, give them a little hope, let them know that they have your support, is that a lot to ask for? No I don’t think so. Everyone needs words of encouragement from time to time. Don’t you?


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