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H1N1 Vaccine - Know it in detail (Part 1)
5/8/2010 12:28:31 AM
As anyone who knows me or anyone who follows my posts knows, I am not a political person; what I do care about though are human beings, life in general, human rights and our safety. If the days and countless hours spent on this can help someone somewhere; I’ll be very happy.

As you know, I am a member of the British Psychological Society and the British Mensa Society. My background is in Psychology and Natural Medicine but within both fields I had to study a part of conventional science; not enough to be qualified to conduct my own scientific laboratory research, but enough to be able to bring you informed research from reliable medical sources - if there is such a thing nowadays. I say that because most scientific research nowadays has some invested interest somewhere, and results are sometimes dependent on who’s funding it.

Just recently, I’ve been engaged in more conversations about the swine flu (Influenza A or Gripe A) and the H1N1 vaccine than I care to mention. Many of my colleagues have had the vaccine and some have suffered adverse reactions to it; from headaches to vomiting. However, the biggest plea I received was from my mother who has also been vaccinated. She asked me to please prove the vaccine was safe and that it couldn’t cause cancer.

So, I decided to carry out my own independent research a) to see what I could come up with and b) to inform everyone, in simple terms, about the pros and cons of the vaccine and the flu itself.

I’ve tried to put together material from as reliable and accurate sources as possible. Please consider it very carefully and make your own formulated opinion. Please also consider that since I am not a laboratory researcher, I can only give you facts and data collated by third party scientists in their own research environments.

I wish I could be the one to give my mother good news but I’m not sure I can. My conclusion is that the vaccine does contain known cancer causing substances that are toxic to humans. However, there is some discrepancy as to what dosages are considered highly toxic. So, at this point nobody can predict what the long term side effects will be. Furthermore, everybody’s body will react in a different way; just as some people can smoke all their lives and never develop cancer, whilst others can’t.

By the same token, I can say that one of the vaccines being manufactured does contain a substance that, in laboratory rats, has been known to act as an anti-chemical carcinogenesis. Whether this works in humans is still unknown since clinical trials, with humans, have not yet been carried out.

I think, in all honesty, only the future will tell.

I’ve tried to do my best to bring you the breakdown of the chemical ingredients in the vaccine, and what they’re used for. The rest is up to you to get more information, be aware, take responsibility and do your due diligence.

Be safe. I value every living being.

I have made a pdf. version on Mac and a compatible word doc. for PC if anyone wants to receive it by email. Just send me a message through FB and I'll be glad to forward it to you.

Background Information

There is a wealth of information on the Internet about the Influenza A. I am not going to reiterate here. However, the “so-called” swine flu first appeared in 1918. It was responsible for the death of between 50 - 100 million people worldwide. It primarily claimed the lives of healthy adults between the ages of 20 and 40. Why? Because it caused something called a cytokine response - what is this?

It’s a term used to describe when the body’s immune system goes into overdrive at defending our organism against harmful external viruses. Basically, the more healthy a body is, the harder it fights off external threats. The harder it fights, the more it goes into overdrive until it, basically, send the system into tilt.

Weaker immune systems, as found in younger people, children, babies and elderly people have slower and weaker responses, which placed them out of the common death claiming range.

I didn’t find any documented evidence that suggested the 2009 Influenza A claimed any lives due to the cytokine response. However, I did find evidence that there is a mutated version of the Influenza A, which has claimed the lives of (maybe) 6 people worldwide. Whether these facts, figures and data are correct is unknown; since we cannot rely on the Media nowadays to duly and accurately inform us.

However, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered when we look at the 1918 death toll. It was war time. Hygiene standards, on a global scale, were much lower. People suffered with malnutrition in areas that nowadays don’t. Troops were constantly on the move, and in great numbers on a global scale, hence the contamination process was greatly aided and speeded up. There was less awareness about the contamination process itself. Little was known about viral infections in general. We didn’t have micro-medications we have today. The list could go on.

Of course, there would also be conspiracy theorists who would have us believe the H1N1 was a laboratory manufactured virus, as a type of biological warfare; specifically designed to eliminate a certain age group of the population in order to end, and win, the war. Personally, I do not believe this as there were too many casualties on all sides.

The 1918 Influenza A didn’t just disappear as many would have us believe. It apparently weakened itself over time, as many viruses do, but lay dormant somehow; somewhere. It reappeared again in 1937.

The scandalous facts about the 1937 outbreak is that scientists in the UK and the United States used patients, they describe as “feebleminded” at various psychiatric institutions as human guinea pigs for live anti-viral testing. Yes, you read it correctly. Scientists injected about a third of the patients, across various institutions at various locations, with a vaccine containing “live” Influenza A virus; no doubt without written consent.

If you follow the link above, to the article written in 1941, what amazes me is how scientists report patients were inoculated, and I quote, 5 to 10 weeks before the onset of an Influenza epidemic. We have two choices here: a) we can think that any serious Influenza, at that time was considered an Influenza A, or that somehow the relaunch of the Influenza A (of which by definition of gene content there is only one associated with the Swine flu) was premeditated in a bid to use more humans as guinea pigs.

In 1946/47, there was another outbreak of Influenza that apparently started in Japan. People were inoculated with a milder strain of the H1N1 vaccine but it proved to be a complete failure. Even nowadays, the H1N1 vaccine will not protect you from the swine flu nor any of its mutations thereof.

In 1957, 1968, 1976, 1977 there were more minor outbreaks of various types of Influenza; including the H1N1 that struck people who hadn’t had it previously. Of course, then, closer to the 21st century we’ve had the Avian Influenza and now we have the new H1N1 again.

An interesting fact I came across is that in 2008, in a bid to study the Avian Influenza virus, scientists exhumed the body of a man who died during the 1918/1919 pandemic. He was buried in a lead coffin, which could have very well preserved the H1N1 virus. I’ll leave it to you to think what you will.

So, I come to the modern day 2009 Influenza A. You’ve all heard about it. You all know what it is and how it can affect you. You all know what steps you can take to avoid contamination and spreading. So, I’m not going to go into any details here. What I will say though is that more people have died from a common flu than from the Influenza A.

It’s the Media hype that has blown it out of control and disseminated fear into our minds with a little help from the pharmaceutical companies who have an invested interest in making billion and billions of dollars; not just in the short term, with the vaccines, but in the long term as well, with the potential side effects the vaccines could have in a large proportion of individuals that have it.

Current Manufacturers of the Influenza A (H1N1) vaccine

To date, I have found 5 major manufacturers of the Influenza A vaccine. They are: Sanofi Pasteur, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Limited, CSL Limited, ID Biomedical Corporation of Qebec and MedImmune, LLC. The vaccine produced by ID Biomedical Corporation of Qebec is being distributed by Glaxo Smithkline Beecham.

As a matter of curiosity, I went digging around for financial reports for all the pharmaceutical companies mentioned above. As with all businesses, they suffered losses due to the economic crisis the world has been facing. Stocks had fallen. Yet, they are rising again slowly since the advent of the “hearsay” Influenza A epidemic.

As anyone who deals in stocks and shares will know, the more a rumour is spread, the more likely it is a product will sell. The more likely it is that a product will sell, the more likely it is a company will find investors or the more likely it is prices of stock will go up and the company makes money all round.

Far be it for me to be a sceptic, but in a world where economic growth is at an all time slow and world markets show no sign of immediate recovery, perhaps the banks and the big boys behind wall street, (and most of the global power), found a window of opportunity to increase their bank balances, recover their losses and guarantee an income for the coming years.

How? Simple, develop a vaccine that, theoretically, does little or nothing against the Influenza A, yet injects people with toxic substances that in the long term might have detrimental effects on their health, and ensure they require more medication in the future. More medication equals more guaranteed income for the pharmaceutical companies. I hate to say this but it’s also a way to control the population count.

I’d like to just say here that I am not in any way a conspiracy theorist. I look at the given facts before coming to any conclusions. The facts, in this case, are exemplified by the Polio vaccine first introduce in 1955. By 1961, the vaccine was declared unsafe for human consumption because it was thought to be contaminated with a substance called SV40, a carcinogen that came from infected monkeys.

Yet, that very same vaccine continued to be used well into the year 2000 on a global scale. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide have potentially been exposed to this silent killer. In some, the effects have become apparent. Sufferers in whom cancer has already developed, relatives of people who died and/or some people who have become or became paralysed, because of the vaccine, have carried out lawsuits. You can find more information on the net by searching for links between polio vaccines and paralysis lawsuits.

With the new H1N1 vaccine, as far as I am aware, the pharmaceutical companies have a clause that stipulates they cannot be brought into a court of law should anyone suffer any side effects. This clause alone begs the question: “Why?”

It’s my humble opinion we do not question enough what we allow medics to put into our bodies. We do not investigate enough. We place too much trust in the hands of our doctors and the Media. It doesn’t take a medical degree to ask what something is and what it is used for, and nowadays we have no excuse. Information is everywhere.

Prior to the current manufacturers of the vaccine H1N1, Baxter International Inc. developed a vaccine that contained H5N1 (avian flu virus) and H3N2 (seasonal flu viruses.) In experiments, ferrets were found to die from the vaccine, which suggested the H5N1 virus was live. If this substance had been injected into humans it could have had disastrous consequences.

Human beings could have acted as incubators for a new crossbreed virus that could have then been transmitted from one being to another. The vaccine went out. It was discovered by pure accident. However, it is now said that all known batches of the Baxter vaccine have been recalled.

Human errors happen. Accidents happen. Researchers, scientists, doctors, nurses; nobody is infallible. It’s our responsibility to safeguard ourselves from others’ errors.
Robert De Merode

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RE: H1N1 Vaccine - Know it in detail (Part 1)
5/8/2010 2:38:02 PM

Nice to see you back Venerina,

Obviously you are aware of the blunder that essentially hit France because of the swine flue, when the minister ordered outrageous quantities of vaccinations to avert a pandemic only to realize thereafter that buying into an elephant to swat a fly was not the best subtle investments a broken economy could undertake.

Whatever, it will be harder at present to pretend from whatever sector the next alert comes from that this one is true! People simply do not believe in governments no more, effectively they are heading our countries towards a brick wall and hooting as they go.

Excuse me if this might sound political, but all is consequential with what’s happening nowadays even a volcano.

Great info and a splendid read!

Friendly yours



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