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96 Chevy Beretta -VS- Semi-Truck
5/7/2010 11:13:27 PM

Ole' Grueling left in pain.
What's left of my leg, will never be the same.
Broken wrist, broken nose.
Too laid up to write much prose.
Shattered ankle, fractured knee.
Tube up my pecker to drain the pee.
9 broken ribs, 4 left, 5 right.
Scalp torn off, But sewn back on tight.

More care in your driving I now advise.
So you won't be left wondering if your dead or alive.

Put another big screw through the leg doc.
It ain't no sweat.
Just get me a new bottle of Percocet.

Steve "The Grueling Pejorative" Liggett


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