mumbai, the mega-metropolitan island city of unlimited opportunities
3/22/2010 9:41:39 PM
Mumbai is a happening place today. With its 16 million people, it is a huge market for your goods, and services. If interested, kindly contact me, because I am your own resident representative, who works for you on 7x24 bases, with time-bound results on specif assignments.
esunder at in dot com
EsunderConsultant: Mumbai Opportunities4uContact: 919969073330.Mail to: esunder@in.comURL: Subject: Virtual Agent There are good reasons for you to think of Mumbai as your golden business opportunity,Because;*English is the official commercial communication.*the population of the city is more than 16 million citizen [one-third of them have enough money to buy imported goods or services.*Wish decision will be to engage a local person to look after your business interests.*Let the reliable local resident take care of all the routine matters as per your instructions.*Your constant supervision will bring profits and cut down all the unnecessary expenses.Once to decide for setting up your show in India, with a base in Bombay [Mumbai], you can contact for any information in Mumbai. I know Mumbai as palm of my hand as I am staying here for more than 50 years.Best Wishes!Sunder Thadani-
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