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My Newest Banners with Links and a Great Way to Make Money too!!
3/21/2010 4:06:52 PM
I just made some banners that you are Welcome to use if you like and join the ithaca tazmart
site as a Free Member or a Paid Member.

Important: Read the MicroSoft Warning about the F1 Virus for all IE users at the Bottom of this Post!

You only get One Chance to Join and pay that amount. After you clear the page then it will no longer be available.

Not Only do you get to put your URL's in Rotators which you have 20 Rotators and you can put 10 URL's in Each Rotators..that's 200 URLs that you can advertise.

You also have E-Mail ads that you can send out to all your Referrals!!

Pust EasyHits4u,traffic splash,GoldRush, ( Check my Posts for a Full List) All are FREE To Join ) with upgrades available if you want to upgrade. all the Traffic Exchanges I recommend on ithaca tazmart which will display them on the other Traffic Exchanges with out you have to Work except to get them Started.

Great Way to Get sign ups on all your traffic Exchanges that you join without having to do any Surfing.

Here are the Banners I made this morning starting at 8 a.m. and I got finished at 9:30 a.m. there abouts. Hope you can make use of them as a Free Member or Pro Member.

Oh did you know that you can put a Banner in your Signature on all Your E-mails? I can show you how once we ever get to chat one on one with each other. Remind Me to tell you the Chat Room..

Here's My Latest Banners :

A Tip of a Different Nature.

What Browser do You Use?
If you are Using IE then you are subject to get Virus's on your computer more than you would if you use firefox3. Firefox3 is Great and I have been using it for Years now. It is still possible for you to get a Virus even with firefox3 but not as often as you would with IE (All Versions, Especially Version 7,8 and 9) as those are Full of Bugs and Security Loopholes!!

Microsoft has a Warning out to all IE Users about the F1 Virus. They do Not have a patch as of March 12,2010. If you want more info and the Full Warning from Microsoft then E-Mail me and I will send you the Full Warning!

Just thought I would pass that along to you. You can Google "firefox3" and come up with their page. I also use 2 add-ons to firefox3. Flags which tells you what country you are in when you click on a banner or Web page. Always nice to know.
I also Use InformEnter. Really Nice little short to paste any type of Text Info into a Window. Great Little Add-on for Firefox3.
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