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Facks and Details Of My Harvest America
3/6/2010 5:46:35 PM

Saturday, March 06, 201012:23:53 PM

My business is good only in the U.S.A. Since utilites and gasoline has skyrocked, we all need this biz. Here are the facts.$69 the first month.That gets you a year membership in the National Grocery Store and allows you to purchase groceryies at a lower cost. The other $29 is a lowest matrix and has to be paid monthly to create income to pay the matrix.Without a monthly fee, it would just be another scam.

This biz was just open 3 months ago.They just put up a new wharehouse in Michigan. I live in Ohio. If there is no warehouse in your state,everything is tax fee! ( internet rule)! No cost for your website or any hidden fees.No S&H fees, cheaper to your door than at dollar stores , your local stores and commonsaries for the armed services. What are you waiting for U.S.A. people? In one month even with startup fees, our family of 7 saved $200 .$300 the second month.

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