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Generation of Lost Stories:
3/2/2010 5:14:58 PM

Hello, I’m Doris Anne Beaulieu. The lagging economy has made going to the movies one of the best entertainment sources that many families can afford. The box office numbers clearly show us that it fits the consumer’s needs and desires for entertainment despite the tight economy.
That tight economy, however, has shown another side to that coin that the movie industry needs to look at and hopefully respond to so that we don’t end up with a generation of lost stories.
We ARE the computer generation: the era of email and texting makes being connected, and life in general, easier for us all, so let’s embrace it with open arms. In the past, producers spent many hours pouring over scripts… and if their interest wasn’t grabbed in the first ten pages it was never gained. Writers would invest heavily to attend festivals that have increased in cost and its this increase that has prevented many good writers from being able to continue that practice… a big loss to producers at a time when movie attendance is up and is the best entertainment going.
So how do we address this issue that clearly needs our attention? I’d like you to think of saving money for writers and saving time for producers. We are a team and need to find a solution that works for us both. I have experimented with video commercials of my screenplays on youtube… giving a general idea of the plot, but not too much of the story away. Producers can view the videos in relaxed comfort and go through many more scripts with minimal reading. Sites set up for this purpose can be the answer for writers, as well as producers.
Just a thought for movie producers who want stories to keep coming during these hard economic times. There are a lot of good stories out there, but little money to promote them. Cutting these costs will not only save you time, but expose you to many opportunities for stories that would otherwise never see the light of day. Please give it some serious thought and thank you for your time. I’m Doris Anne Beaulieu from Life’s Ultimate Test dot com


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