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Romantic Poetry Section 1.
2/10/2010 9:21:54 PM

A Day and a Night

Basking in the noonday sun

On sands so soft and white

Watching seabirds in the sky

How graceful is their flight

Listening to the murmuring surf

As it washes on the beach

Though the sun is so hot

There’s cool water within reach

With you lying by my side

One hand nestled in mine

What more could I ever want

This lifestyle is just fine

When the sun finally sets

With you sat ‘tween my thighs

We’ll watch the sun slowly sink

And utter contented sighs

When it is dark we’ll watch the moon

Come bounding into the air

Followed by the twinkling stars

A bright visual fanfare

We’ll walk along the empty beach

Beneath the moon so bright

Strolling along hand in hand

‘Twill be a wonderful night.

© 2003 Johnny Gregory

A Hazy Mist
2/10/2010 9:23:52 PM

A hazy mist, white and cold

Snow and ice, I behold.

Through the mist, a figure I see

Fur-clad, approaching me.

A woman, face beaming bright

Warm, desirable amid the icy white

Arms outstretched, she beckons me near

I stumble forth, then freeze in fear.

At my feet, the frozen snow

Falls away to depths below

Between us now, a deep crevasse

Wide, unbridgeable, alas.

The woman, with a tear in her eye

Raises a hand and waves "Good-bye"

She turns and slowly walks away

I must wait till another day.

I awake to find it was just a dream

Of love that is lost, it would seem.

Why does this dream disturb me so?

How long must I wait, before I know?

Lover's Moon
2/10/2010 9:29:39 PM

Above my head a lovers moon

That fascinating sight

Words of love will be whispered soon

Beneath its shining light

Upon black velvet it is set

The dust of stars scattered wide

Making young hearts bolder yet

For they have nothing they want to hide

Their love is there for all to see

Holding each other in an embrace

High above the murmuring sea

This evening they willingly face

Between two souls a silent pact

Of lasting love is made

The Dance of Love they enact

Their love will never fade.

©2000 Johnny Gregory

2/10/2010 9:33:27 PM


An enchantress she must surely be
I know that's what she is to me
Sacred the ground upon which she walks
Heavenly her voice when she talks

Whatever she does emanates elegance
When I see her I am so entranced
Bewitched I am by her eyes
With them she does mesmerise

This mortal soul who is in love
With this creature from above
Captivated by her spell
Forever with her I want to dwell

Show my love for her in every way
Bask in her presence every day

© 2000 Johnny Gregory

An Inner Glow
2/10/2010 9:36:21 PM

Inner Glow

An inner glow comforts me

A knowing in my mind

There is only just a small chance

Of exploring the depths of this joy

That desperately seeks a release.

To the wind I cast fragments

The shells of old stale dreams

My eyes bright and with a smile

I watch them float away

A smile of wonder as I sense

The closeness of a friend

One whom I trust in the sharing

Of myself and the deeper me

Accepting only what I can give

Yet giving so much more

Sharing thoughts of love and passion

The longings of the heart

The pain and sorrows these often bring

To be borne the best we can

This inner glow fills my soul

I accept the tiny chance

And begin to explore

This perplexing joy.

© 1990 Johnny Gregory


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