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A Day and a Night
2/6/2010 8:54:22 PM

A Day and a Night

Basking in the noonday sun

On sands so soft and white

Watching seabirds in the sky

How graceful is their flight

Listening to the murmuring surf

As it washes on the beach

Though the sun is so hot

There’s cool water within reach

With you lying by my side

One hand nestled in mine

What more could I ever want

This lifestyle is just fine

When the sun finally sets

With you sat ‘tween my thighs

We’ll watch the sun slowly sink

And utter contented sighs

When it is dark we’ll watch the moon

Come bounding into the air

Followed by the twinkling stars

A bright visual fanfare

We’ll walk along the empty beach

Beneath the moon so bright

Strolling along hand in hand

‘Twill be a wonderful night.

© 2003 Johnny Gregory


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