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Welcome to SQIP MESSENGER - It looks fantastic and works like a charm.
1/15/2010 2:24:40 AM

Welcome to SQIP MESSENGER - It looks fantastic and works like a charm.




Hello Friend!

Sqip Messenger is a desktop application that opens a whole new world on how you work and play online.

Downloads in minutes...instant setup with almost zero configuration. Easy, Instant...and lots of Fun.

Here are a few of the features Sqip Messenger offers





With the increased equity recently made available after the flushing out of non qualified PEPs, you still have the opportunity to become a stakeholder. With over 100 million users of Messenger and several income streams built in…you will be profit sharing on a massive scale.

Get over to the web site and read the Stakeholder info.



Messenger voice and video technology is provided by Global IP Solutions.

GIPS license their technology to Skype, Google, Yahoo, AOL and many others.

SqipCom has a revenue sharing contract with GIPS.

You can view their public press release re our contract by searching in Google. Use the search words: GIPS, SQIP

If they are confident about the income streams generated by Sqip Messenger, then you can be confident also.

The 1st version of Messenger is scheduled for completion by end of Jan/Feb 2010.

Messenger is currently getting a makeover with new interface designs.

As a Stakeholder in SqipCom, you will share in all the income streams generated by Messenger



Even if you don’t become a Stakeholder, you always have the opportunity to become an affiliate. Affiliates earn revenue share on every package of adverts delivered. There is no selling or buying or obligations of any kind involved.

You simply introduce Messenger to as many new users as possible on your 1st level and let the viral ripple effect take over from there.

If you were to introduce messenger to only 5 new users and they did the same and so on down all the paid levels…you would make about 44,000 USD a month in residual, passive income.

Join to Messenger PRO today and start to receive the good income of its use since January, 2010!

Invite friends for sharing Messenger PRO.


Forward to success


WARNING: A new immensely powerful viral marketing system has been released, which allows marketers to broadcast messages directly to people's desktops. Learn more about it here:

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