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A funny little Story - Merry Christmas Everyone
12/25/2009 3:23:33 PM
In 2004 my Son got me 2 Xara Graphics programs for Christmas (Xara3D and Xara Xtreme Pro) they have an On-Line Store where they offer Free modules for all their Customers. In 2005 My Son got me the Xara ScreenSaver Maker and Xara Menu Maker. So I own everyone of the Xara Graphics Programs. Which to me is a LotBetter than any other Graphics Program on the Market and I have anOlder Version but it is Still the Best by Far!! One of these Modulesthat they offer for Free is a Tracker to see where all you Visitors arecoming from what OS they are using and what Country...etc...tellsalmost everything.

I never thought the 2nd time about using it. Today I decided to try itout. well, I put in the Counter of all my Visitors on my Affiliate Ads Forum as 3338which was what it was when I started at 6:45 a.m. this morning....I gotthe Code and by the time I got the code on my Affiliate Ads forum thecounter showed....3351????? that was 13 people that came to my site in about 5 minutes !!! LOL

It took me about 3 minutes to put the code on my Affiliate Ads forum!! I could not put it on the forum because of all the Traffic I wasgetting. I only Wished that I had put it up when I 1st started theForum in Sept 2009 this year and Found out where the 3300+ Visitors andMembers was coming from!!!

I thought it was Funny and hope you enjoy that bit of Humor!! I Thinkthe Traffic Exchanges and top site lists is where they were coming fromas well as Adlandpro.

Merry Christmas to All this Christmas Day 2009

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