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Don't get any old traffic - Get Good Clean Traffic here for FREE !
12/24/2009 9:31:48 PM
Got a Great Way for you to get 100's even 1000's to see yourwebsite and business. They not only see it a lot of them will Join youtoo. In 14 days I have got 13 sign-ups not only for my Affiliateprogram but 2 new members to my Affiliate Ads Forum. 3 new members formy AffiliateBot program. And Sold 3 Xara Graphic Files. Tell me thatTraffic Exchanges don't work !!

Now the Secret:

Join all of the Traffic Exchanges below

Take them one at a time.

Get banners off each one and put them on the other Traffic Exchanges

Get Sign-ups for the 1st one EasyHits4U

Join Traffic Splash
Get Sign ups for traffic Splash

Post both banners on the other Traffic Exchange

This is NOT a Do Nothing type System. You have to Really Work at it for about 2 or 3 weeks. YOU WILL GET SIGN-UPS !! I Did!!

Once you start getting sign-ups and get over the Hill then everythingwill be downhill from there. You sit back and relax and let Peoplecome to your pages. Your Credits will be coming to you from yoursign-ups.

Only thing you have to do is put new banners up and assign credits tothe ones you want displayed. Will take about 10 minutes on each one ofthe traffic exchanges.

Then for 2 weeks spend 1 hour on each of the Traffic Exchanges below. Then you will be over the HILL! It's all Downhill after that!!

the ones I have joined that have proved to be Really Good are:






Lots of Bonus and contests and Prizes from each one of the above!!

I surfed about 1 hour on Each one. Got my Credits build up. Some willlet you pause your banners some of them will auto-assign your creditsto banner impressions. It don't really matter about that.

Then Advertise on Top-site lists - I have some of the Best Top sitelist on my Affiliate Ads Forum. Click on it and join. Post yourTraffic Exchange Banners in all the top site lists on the left side ofmy Forum.

Give it about 24 hours before you start getting Really Good Hits from your banners on the Top Site Lists.

The more your Work at it the More you will get out of it. You do Nothing and that is what you will get is "NOTHING"!!

The Old Saying " You can lead a Horse to Water , But you can't make himdrink applies here also. If they are interested in what you have thenthey WILL Join.

From all the 5 traffic Exchanges there is over 2 million that most of them will see you page(s).

From that you can give a Guess that only 5% will join you. That is a LOT of People. That many People Can't be Wrong.

Why are all these People surfing the Traffic Exchanges? They are likeyou. Looking for a Business, wanting to Make Money on line.

It don't take no Rocket Scienctist to figure that out. My System isUnique and it Works like a Charm. I am still getting sign-ups and Ihave not surfed the Traffic Exchanges above in 2 days!!!
Does that Tell you Something. I got over the Hill because I workedHard at it. Once over it I am on a Down Hill Grade now and won't haveto do any work. LOL !!!

You can do the Same. Oh Yea = Everything is FREE ! You pay NOTHING!! Ever!!

Merry Christmas to Everyone

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