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12/21/2009 11:01:54 AM
I got to thinking that everyone might like to do what I have done forthe past 2 years. If you surf the Net and go to mostly the same placesall the time then you Really should get you , Your Personal Link Page.
It is FREE and it is Secure as you have a password and username and youcan put unlimited Links in there that you go to everyday. I have atotal of 5 Personal Link pages as my links are more than I can find onany one of the Links pages I have.
I have one my my own personal Links
One for my Traffic Exchanges
one for Webmasters tools
one for my Freelinks pages
one for my sons pages
one for my Wife pages

You can divide them up in Catagories and list them in Order as you want to.
And like I said before it is FREE and there are NO ADS on it. Takesabout 5 minutes to get the link page and you just add links that youwant to go back to time and time again and you don't have to Wadethrough your bookmarks. I make it my Start Page.

I hope you like them as it is Really good to keep up with your links.

My-Personal link page

Merry Christmas to Everyone
e-mail me and let me know if you got one and how you like it.
or leave a Comment on my profile page if you will.


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