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I am at Your door.
11/6/2009 4:14:12 AM
I am at Your door.

My search ended when I found You,
My heart filled when I emptied before You,
My dreams ended when I began to understand You,
You are so near to me, You are so dear to me,
That I can fulfill every wish just feeling You,
Touch me for I am Yours, Feel me for I am Yours.

Let the whole world of thoughts go to dustbin,
I care less for they can ever give me anything.
Things I dreamed, things I pretended,things I listened,
things I pursued, things I thought, things I fought
And things I worked on for days and nights...

Do they help me? Do they mean me something?
I just don' t know anything but for sure, I know one thing,
That there exists a thirst within.
A thirst that makes me alive,
and my heart's fragrance thrive.

O Master! I am at Your door as a begger ,
Keep my bowl growing bigger and bigger !
For I know the more it can contain,
the more in it I can retain.

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