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RE: OoooWeeeeee Funnnnneeee
10/10/2009 3:11:11 PM

Pat one of the new good features about this community is the ability to openly ask the spammer to edit post in forums you do not own and delete post(s) from forums you do own.

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You would not believe how much spam I am encountering here.  On my personal profile.  On a thread that I start in Offers about my businesses.  I am getting angry about this.

Why are these people doing this?

Why did Derek spam here?  No class!


Two with Meat Balls
10/17/2009 12:46:30 AM
This joke was submitted from a Jaz Jets, team member via group discussion:

"Physician fooling around with his nurse; eventually she's pregnant and wants to go all the way to full term and delivery.

The physician, supports her 100% by sending her to Europe; funding her travel and living expenses. Before departing, the nurse wanted to know how he wanted to be notified when the child arrived. The physician told her to just send a postcard with the word: SPEGHETTI

Months later; the physician's wife received the mail and noted a strange postcard message from "over seas" and she calls her husband (the physician) to tell him about the card addressed to him from somewhere in Europe.

The physican told his wife that he was with a patient and would explain everything to her when he got home.

Late in the evening, the physician arrives home and the wife greets him with the postcard; he reads the message and immediately,

falls to the floor clutching his chest; his wife frantically dials 911 and was instructed as the paramedics rushed to their home.

Moments later the ambulance arrives and took over stabling the physican; loaded him into the ambulance and quickly drove away. One of the paramedics stayed behind to interview the wife.

The paramedic wanted to know details, prior to the physcian clutching his chest.

The wife shared, that her husband was fine until he read the postcard"

"Speghetti, Speghetti, Speghetti, Speghetti ~ two with meat balls"


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RE: OoooWeeeeee Funnnnneeee
11/12/2009 5:22:19 PM

I was surfing in ts25 early this morning and came across this graphic in a blog.


RE: OoooWeeeeee Funnnnneeee
11/16/2009 2:42:55 PM

True Friends ...will never take advantage of you

True Friends

RE: OoooWeeeeee Funnnnneeee ~ Terrorist Groups at Church
11/19/2009 7:43:51 PM
  1. Bin Sleepin
  2. Bin Arguin
  3. Bin Fightin
  4. Bin Complainin
  5. Bin Missin

Bin Prayin got them covered.


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