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Claim Your Share of Free Government Grants
9/21/2009 6:37:42 AM
Claim Your Share of Free Grants

Qualify To Receive Up To $175,000 For Personal Needs

Did you realize you can qualify for many different, diverse programs specific to several of your needs? Get free money to purchase a new home or repair your existing home, travel, buy a new car and so much more! The following represent a small sample of the programs available:

Purchase a home Pay your debt
Repair you home Clothing
Buy a car Medical bills
Receive your degree Heating bills
Groceries Real Estate taxes
General living Expenses Fuel Costs
Travel expenses Much Much more!!!

Qualify To Receive Up To $275,000 In Business Grants

Have you dreamed of opening a daycare center, coffee shop, or some other type of business? How about expanding your existing business? Did you know the government has several programs to assist you both financially and mentally in doing so? Here are a few examples:

Legal costs Expand your business
Register your patent Help your employees
Buy equipment Refurnish your office
Computer software & Much more!

You Can Also Apply For As Many Grants As You Want

Did you know you can apply for as many grants as you want? Many people are not aware of this. For instance, you can get a $20,000 grant to fix your house, a $50,000 grant to start up a business and another grant to help pay your bills! And here is the best part.. you NEVER have to repay them!
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