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My favorite meditation
10/31/2005 11:24:49 PM
Many of you will recall hearing Wayne Dyer say that every time that he asks his good friend Deepak Chopra for advice, his answer is always, "Meditate." That is my tip today too. Whenever you have something that you need to resolve, Meditate. Meditation can be as simple as sitting still for 5 minutes after you have asked your question and set your intention to reveal the answer to yourself ('cause you do have all the answers, you know!). During your 5 minutes, focus on your breath and simply notice the distracting thoughts that come in your mind. Notice them and let them pass without affecting your meditation. The answers will come! My current favorite meditation is one that helps me meditate instantly. It has the sounds of very heavy rain with chimes and gongs that do something to my brain. I can't explain, but you can learn about it at this website. My husband and I are both using it and the results have been profound. I originally went to the site to get the free demo CD, but I was so impressed, I ordered the Holosync meditation program. Let me know how it makes you feel!
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