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Someone eventually heeded my advice, but it was nearly to late.
10/19/2005 12:25:34 PM
Hi everyone. I do not normally like to let other people know about what our customers buy, or why.
Until yesterday.
This nearly was a tragedy, hopefully it will not happen to this person again. Every third Tuesday of the month, is bug-man day. Here in the desert, we have many crawling, biting, stinging, downright un-friendly bugs. Big Brian, who makes my 6'4" 240lb frame look small, is our bug-man. He arrived on time as normal to spray our yards & home, but he was not his happy-self. "Whats up Brian?" I said "I need you advice" he said. I had told him on his previous visits about our Security store & our products, but as he pointed out, not many people mess with him, & he 'carried' anyway, in case someone was really stupid. Today however, he wanted to know if I had anything for his kids protection, an alarm or something, because at the weekend he had taken them to one of our Super Wal-M##t stores(no advertising, but you know where I mean). To find some Halloween costumes. In the excitment of choosing stuff, his youngest son wandered off. When Brian realised a few moments later, his son was nowhere in site. "I was really worried & scared" he said. After a quick search, his son could not be found, so alerting the staff, they had all the doors shut, & the search began. Eventually his son was found safe & sound, but it took about 20-30 mins of the most terrifying time of Brians life. For our European friends, who may not have visited one of the 'Superstore's' run by this chain, these places are massive, really huge by European standards. The chances of children being abuducted from them is high if you are not on total, constant vigillance, but if your in one with more than one child, your chances of the same sort of thing happening to you, are increased a lot. Brian did not want anything like this happening again ever to one of his kids, & he wanted to know if our store had something for him to make sure it did not. I showed him our Child electronic Alarm system.

He ordered three of them, & then proceeded to rid our home of bug's. When he left, he took a (large) handful of our business cards, to give to all of his aquaintances & promising to look at our other personal & home security products more closely, as he had, in his words "got a whole new prospective on personal safety" after his terrifying weekend incident. I was only to glad to help the big man, as I cannot & do not want to, think what was going through his mind, the whole time his son was missing. If we can help any other parents/grandparents to NOT have Brian's bad experience, please seriously consider getting one of these. Your security friend in Las Vegas. P.S. We are extremly sorry, that we can only provide our products to American citizens, but maybe their is a similar product in Europe. Foot-note; I asked 'Brian' (not his real name) If I could post this warning. He agreed, saying that if it stopped just one parent from having the same thing happen to them, he would be pleased to have helped.
Re: Someone eventually heeded my advice, but it was nearly to late.
10/19/2005 12:51:10 PM
Hi Anthony, Up until I read your post, I didn't even know an alert system like yours existed. I live in a little rural town here in PA, not to far from an elementary school, so there are quite a few young children in our area. I think a lot of your products might go over very well in this area. Having children of my own, I know what it's like when you don't know where they are, but when you ask them, it's like you're intruding in their "private lives. We still worry, no matter how old they get. If you have any flyers, of information you can send, I will be glad to leave them with the local businesses in my area. You can send them to Steven G. Reid 324 Main St Box 380 Claysville PA 15323
Steven G. Reid Wallaby Traffic CMU7 WTC W
Re: Someone eventually heeded my advice, but it was nearly to late.
10/19/2005 1:11:47 PM
Top info my friend - and I seems like an good biz You got there. Here in Norway we does`nt have deadly poisoned animals, spiders, snakes, killersharks, biting bugs, panthers and all the other dangerous animals there are living around. Some bruwn-bears, wolf - but that is all. Well, that was not so much about Your store, sorry, guess I promoted Norway :-) Happy to see Your forum, and to be Your friend Anthony.
Re: Someone eventually heeded my advice, but it was nearly to late.
10/19/2005 1:21:44 PM
I live in a big city and I hear alot about kids being abducted and I think its a good Idea for your product. I am looking foward to purchasing the product.
Re: Someone eventually heeded my advice, but it was nearly to late.
10/19/2005 2:04:09 PM
Hello Steven. Thank you for your comments. It does not matter if you live in a big City like we do (and it grows by 8,000 people a month) or in a little rural town. Your childrens whereabouts is something that's on your mind constantly. The Child guard system, is, of course for children in the age group of toodlers to pre-teens, for when you are out with them. It works equally as good indoors or outside & the range can be adjusted from 6'-30' The only system that I have heard about, to track your children at all times. Is a GPS type tracking system, which is expensive, to say the least & is used for the children of rich, influential people whoose children may be abducted for ransom reasons. Sadly, the average person cannot afford these type of precautions, yet. Our system gives you that little extra piece of mind, if your vigilance drops just a fraction, whilst out & about with your children in everyday circumstances. As for flyers etc, our website home page is.

You can print off, any product you may want from it & put our website address on it. Your security friend in Las Vegas.

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