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7/28/2009 2:39:28 PM

My name is Gary, I was born in northeastern Pa, and still live in that area today, I have a lovley wife, and 2 beautiful daughters. I work 2 jobs, and my wife also works, despite this we still live pay check to pay check, as most of us do, I am looking to change this, or at least help with the day to day financial struggle, for you and me.

I have been making money online for about 3 years now with survey and email reading sites, I made about $800 last year with these sites, I also have a scottrade account and enjoy investing my survey and email reading money. I intend to use both of these tools to create an income for me and those who join my downline, this is my first attempt at building a downline for my sites, so I made $800 last year without a downline in place on any of the sites.

Here is how it works. I am including survey sites, as well as, email reading sites in this email, I have been a member of these sites for 4 years now, they never ask for a penny to join, and never ask you to sign up for any offers, they have paid me via check or paypal every time I cashed out. These sites also offer a residual income for any one who builds a downline. The sites I deal with are very easy to impliment and take little time to do so. I am looking to fill these down lines with as many people as possible, with the residual income I make, I am going to trade in my scottrade account, and give the first 300 people in my downlines a share of 50% of the profits after taxes and a small fee for a pot builder. After I am finnished trading for the first cycle of 300 people and send their share to their pay-pal account, I am going to start trading for the next 300 in my downline. I intend to keep these cycles going, so if you were in the first cycle please keep doing your surveys and email reading sites, because the cycle will come around to you again.

These sites may sound like alot of work to you, however they really are not, I spend about 20 mins every 2 or 3 days doing the email reading sites. The survey sites, I am asking you to join will only pay me once for your first survey you do, so after joining these sites I only ask that you do 1 survey on them for me, the rest of the surveys you do will bennefit you alone, I would hope you keep up with the surveys that pay money, they wont make you rich, but the extra cash is nice. All I ask is a little effort keeping up with the email reading sites mostly, I will never ask for any out of pocket money from you, and by doing these sites, you will make money from them, and possible a nice bonus sent to your pay-pal account from me at the end of each cycle.


Q: Why are you doing this?

A: Because I love making money on these sites, and I love trading in the market, I also like the idea of possibly helping as many people (including myself) as I can

with making money.

Q: Can I send you any money for the pot for trading?

A: No, I can not take any money from you for this, that would mean I would have to be a licensed broker, which I am not.

Q: How do I know that you wont just keep your residual income for yourself, and not trade it, or just keep any profits if you do trade it?

A: You dont, however, I stand to make alot of money, if I deliver on my promise, you do as well. This has to work on trust, I will trust that you will keep up with your sites

every couple days, and you will have to trust that I will trade the residual income, and send you a share to your pay-pal account, and besides you can only gain from

this, you will be making money for yourself, and are you willing to take the risk of not joining under me, in case, I do exactly what I say that I will do.

Q: Do I have to build a downline to make money on these sites

A: No, however, if you do have people under you, you will make more money for yourself, and my residual income will go up as well, which means more money for me to

trade, and more potential profits for us to share.

Q: What if I have a big downline, and someone else in my cycle doesnt have any downline, will I get a bigger share

A: No. First, if you have a big downline congratulations, you are making more money for yourself, and helping your cycle with potential profits from the trading. The simple

truth is this, I dont have the time or the tools to track what everone in my downline is doing, and some people are better at building a downline than others. I hope that

if you join may down line and are in one of the cycles, that you actually do the little work that I ask of you, if you intend on not doing any of the work, and just riding

the coat tails of others, I ask that you dont join.

Q: What is the pot builder, and why did you impliment it?

A: The pot builder is a small fee taken out of each persons share in every cycle, this is kept in the account, to keep the payouts going up, the more money I have to trade

the higher the potential payout for every cycle.

Q: How do I know when my cycle is being traded?

A: I will send an email to the 300 in the cycle when I start trading for them, I will also send an email to everyone in my downline when that cycle is paid, and im starting

the next cycle of people

Q: How long is a cycle?

A: At this time, I dont know, it will depend on how well, we keep up with the sites and how well the trading goes. I will have a better answer for this question after the first

cycle is complete.

Q: How much will the profit from the trading be?

A: Once again im not sure, that depends upon how well we keep up with the sites, and how well I trade the money. I am not a broker, I like trading, know how to research

stocks, and have watched how stocks fluctuate on a day to day, or week to week basis, I promise to do the best I can.

Q: Do I need a paypal account?

A: Yes, some of these sites only pay to paypal, and that is how I will send you your share of profits, using the mail srevice and sending checks would be to time

consuming, and expensive.

Q: Can I email you to ask how trading is going?

A: No, I understand that sounds pretty harsh, but you can tell from my bio at the top, that I am a pretty busy person, and once this gets started, I will be even

busier, I wouldnt have time to answer all the emails. The sites I am including in this email are very easy to follow.

I hope that answers any questions that you might have had.

Here are the sites to join

This site has been around for over 10 years. Longevity is something that is almost nonexistent in this industry. Instead of joining the newest site that will probably be gone in a month stick with a site that you know will be around tomorrow and has an excellent payout record. They pay you 2 cents for each click and 1 cent for your referrals clicks 2 levels deep. They also give you a $10 sign up bonus which makes that $25 payout a lot easier to reach. This is a very reliable and respectable PTC site and one of the few that still offers Paypal as a payment option.

This is a site that is run by the same reputable people as hits4pay so I know that they will pay and have quality ads to click on. They also give you $.02 for every ad your referrals click on.

They have been very reliable and have a lot of sites to click on. It is a great site, but I would rank them higher if you got credit from your referrals ad views, but you only earn from their advertisement purchases. Other than that they are a great site, pay on time every time, and have a lot of daily ads. If you decide to upgrade to a premium membership you will usually get about 300-400 new ads when you complete the upgrade. They have a quite a few ads for non-premium members too though

This is one of the few survey sites that pay me every time you do a survey and make money. They have been very reliable when it comes to pay outs as well.

This is a pay for review site, you check out a site and type in a few sentences about what you think, they are paying $1.25 per referral

I dont get residuals for this site but they are a good source of survey income, paid every time I cashed out.

Also a site with no residuals but they have also paid on time every time.

This site has paid me once so far since I have been a member, however it only took a few weeks to get my first pay, good site!!


I have 3 more survey sites and 1 email site, that I will send to you in seperate emails, I have to do this because you can build a down line with these sites, however I can only invite you from my home page, they dont have refferal links, they are opinion outpost, my survey, send earnings, and focus forward, please watch for these emails.


In closing I would like to thank you in advance for your participation in this cycle program, My goal is to be able to send each of you thousands of dollars with each cycle, I cant promise you that I will, however I can promise that I will try to do just that.








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